A direct attack on the torrential rain in Henan Province

As soon as the high-speed railway passed Anyang, the originally overcast sky began to rain heavily. The window was a blur in a moment, and the window was already a land of glory.

Starting from the 17th, a large-scale heavy rainfall occurred in Henan Province, with the precipitation in many places breaking the historical records. The average precipitation in Henan Province was 150.5mm, and the average precipitation in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, was as high as 461.7mm, causing a major flood disaster.

As of the afternoon of the 21st, Zhengxi, Zhengtai, Zhengxu and some sections of the general speed Longhai line, Jiaozhou Liuzhou line, Ningxi line and Beijing Guangzhou line were blocked or restricted. Seven trains stopped operation and 15 trains turned back, which caused tens of thousands of passengers to stay at the station.

At present, the subway in Zhengzhou City has been shut down, and the public transportation in Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Xinmi and other 26 cities have been shut down. At present, many roads in Zhengzhou have collapsed or closed, most of the tunnels and underground garages have been flooded, and a large number of cars have been soaked in the flood or lying on the roadside.

The executive meeting of the State Council on July 21 pointed out that extreme heavy rainfall occurred in Henan Province, causing heavy casualties and property losses. The State Council requested that relevant forces be organized to mobilize funds and materials to support Henan’s rescue and disaster relief efforts and increase support for flood control and disaster relief in key areas.

The flood situation is like a mountain, and the rescue is urgent. A spontaneous rescue operation is continuing day and night.

Public transport paralyzed

After entering Henan, the speed of Fuxing G71 dropped from 300 yards to about 100 yards, and it frequently stopped temporarily. After this train was sent out, all the trains from Beijing to Zhengzhou were cancelled.

At the other end of the train, tens of thousands of passengers with nowhere to go are still gathered at Zhengzhou east high speed railway station. Most of them stay here for more than ten hours. Due to the cancellation of the high-speed railway in Zhengzhou, these tired passengers have to spend a hard night on the floor of the high-speed railway station. Due to the heavy rain, the waiting hall is seriously leaky, which can be called “water curtain cave”, The power supply in the high-speed railway station is tight, and the materials are not abundant.

[Video] the rain leakage in the waiting hall of Zhengzhou east railway station is like “water curtain cave”

A volunteer from Henan University of traditional Chinese medicine, who had been busy all night, told the 21st century business report that nearly 30000 passengers were stranded at the station on the evening of the 20th, filling the whole hall. In order to evacuate the passengers to the surrounding stations that can still operate normally, Zhengzhou east no longer entered the station by ticket. “Now you can get on which train you come, and then buy the ticket after you get on the train.”

However, as of noon on the 21st, only a few trains stopped in Zhengzhou. The 21st century economic report found that stranded passengers could be evacuated to a few destinations such as Wuhan, Changsha and Guiyang, but passengers from other directions were still stranded in the east station of the high-speed railway.