From trapped to rescued

I can’t get through the phone. The signal is weak. The phone is about to turn off.

On the evening of July 20, some of the passengers of Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 lost the concept of time and did not know that they were trapped in the car for three hours.

As time goes by, the current keeps rising. At first, there was only water outside the car. Then, the water in the carriage spread from the ankles to the waist, and then to the chest, and was about to submerge the top of the head.

It started at about 18 o’clock that night. With the continuous rainstorm, the Wulongkou parking lot of Metro Line 5 was seriously flooded, and even the water retaining wall of the entrance and exit lines was washed down. Without any obstruction, the torrent flowed towards Shakou Road station about three kilometers away.

Less than ten minutes later, Zhengzhou Metro issued the whole line network outage instructions. However, at Shakou Road station, a subway has been trapped.

The reporter of Qianjiang Evening News · hour combed and restored the whole process from being trapped to being rescued by the subway passengers of line 5 through interviews and comprehensive arrangement of many reports.


Before the incident, there were a number of temporary subway parking

17: 26, Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 stopped at yaozhai niezhuang. The foam (pseudonym) on the car was very uneasy. She just finished her internship. Half an hour ago, the leader told her that the buses were out of service. Someone in the circle of friends tried to take a taxi, but they couldn’t get it. Mo Mo went to the subway station with a fluke mind, and was glad that the subway was not shut down.

This subway is often used, and it is very crowded every morning and evening rush hour and noon, especially the section from the central business district to the provincial people’s hospital. On this day, the whole carriage was still crowded.

The outage was sudden. Only the radio said it was temporarily stopped. The door of the carriage opened, but the air was very thin, and foam felt uncomfortable.

As time went on, no one explained why. Mo Mo tried to get off the bus. A staff member was mopping the floor and asked Mo Mo to go back and wait. There was water in the platform, and the mop was filled with water and then squeezed into the bucket. Fortunately, the water did not spread to the carriage.

Gradually, foam began to feel out of breath, breathing a little difficult. Two kilometers away from home, Mo Mo did not dare to leave the subway station, and almost no one got off. Someone called and said, “I want to go out, but it’s no use.”.

Mo Mo told the Qianjiang Evening news hourly news that about half an hour after the shutdown, the door of the carriage was closed and the subway was running again. The next stop is the provincial people’s Hospital, the destination of Momo. There are people waiting on the platform. Momo was almost squeezed back into the carriage. Fortunately, someone pushed her behind.

When I left the subway station, the water on the ground had already overflowed my belly.

17: About 40, a passenger’s subway line 5 arrived at Huanghe Road. After a long stop, the staff let Mo Mo out of the station.

Despite the abnormal temporary stop or even outage, the two trains were not trapped at Shakou Road station. Some passengers are afraid: it’s scary to stop for a short time. They can’t imagine what they would do if they were trapped on the subway.

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