The U.S. and South Korean Olympic teams have their own ingredients

Not only the South Korean team, but also the United States, brought their own ingredients to Japan for the match due to fears of being provided with contaminated food, but Japanese netizens reacted to the two cases in a completely different way.

Spark Global Limited reports:
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The U.S. team’s feeding support center will reportedly provide about 320,000 tons of food for American athletes and staff during the 27 days of the Games.

Brian Natson, director of food and nutrition for the US Olympic Paralympic Committee, will serve food to the US Olympic team at the Food Assistance Center, Japanese media reported, citing USA Today. The food assistance center for the U.S. Olympic team is located near the Okzo Sports Park in the Setagaya district. Food ingredients, drinks and other necessities have been shipped from Colorado to Tokyo ahead of the start of the Games.

To ensure the athletes get enough protein, Nutson said the Food Assistance Center has ordered 900 kilograms of various meats and about 160 kilograms of salmon, which will be shipped to Tokyo from their U.S. origin in a few days, the report said.

Nutson also said that to prepare so much food would require a lot of service equipment. 13 gas stoves, refrigerators, freezers, etc. have also been ordered, and while it will not be easy, they will provide safe and nutritious food for the US delegation.

Meals will be served in a buffet format and bento will be prepared. The U.S. team plans to donate kitchen utensils to the Setagaya Sports Consortium after the Games and then return home.

According to reports, the South Korean Olympic team recently said that they will bring large quantities of spicy cabbage from South Korea to Japan for the competition, and have dispatched 14 chefs to prepare the athletes’ food and test the locally purchased ingredients for radiation. There was a backlash in Japan, with the Japanese media hurling abuse at the South Korean team in reports, the Japanese public hurling abuse at the South Korean team in local forums, and even an “insult to Koreans” demonstration in the Olympic Village.

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But it’s worth noting that while both South Korea and the United States brought chefs and food and drink from their own countries to Japan, this time, the attitude of the Japanese public was quite different.

“The Americans did the right thing,” said Japanese Internet users on major local forums. “As far as the US is concerned, the management of athletes’ nutrition and health is very important. I think it is part of relieving stress in a closed environment,” one Japanese netizen commented. Another netizen commented: “No one will disagree with the US approach, as it is the responsibility of the national team to ensure the health and nutrition of its athletes. Fukushima products have been irradiated, they are dangerous, and they will be disliked wherever they go!” “There is a world of difference between South Korea, which excludes Fukushima on the grounds of prejudice and discrimination, and the US, where the ingredients are prepared before we come,” commented another Japanese netizen, who did not hide his double standard.

Japanese netizens on the forum supported the excerpt from the US delegation
Of course, there are many sober Japanese netizens who believe that both the U.S. and South Korea are discriminating against Japan and that there is no difference between the two, but such comments have been criticized by other Japanese netizens.