The simplest are to wash your hands before

Feces that carry H. pylori can contaminate water and food, causing secondary transmission of the bacterium.

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Investigation found that: drinking pond water residents helicobacter pylori infection rate & GT;Infection rate of residents drinking well water & GT;The rate of infection among residents drinking tap water.


This is also why people living in economically disadvantaged areas are more likely to be infected with H. pylori.This is because such areas often lack good dietary hygiene and hygiene awareness.

Knowing the route of transmission makes it clear how to prevent helicobacter pylori infection.

As the mature and effective “helicobacter pylori vaccine” has not been invented clinically at present, most of the prevention methods we can do are to cut off its transmission route.


The simplest are to wash your hands before and after using the toilet, keep your cutlery clean and avoid eating raw and cold food.


When having a meal in the restaurant outside, also can because tableware disinfection is not in place and increase the possibility of infection bacteria.


So, if possible, you can choose to bring your own tableware, or use disposable tableware.


In addition, eat as little as possible hot pot, beer, chili and other foods that irritate the gastric mucosa, which to a certain extent strengthen the stomach’s resistance, thereby reducing the possibility of infection.


Because helicobacter pylori is found in an “invisible and untouchable” stomach, and because many people are asymptomatic after infection, it’s important to get regular tests in addition to prevention.


There are two methods of examination – gastroscope or c-13 urea breath test.


People who don’t have stomach problems need only take this item with them during their annual check-up.


And some people with less functioning stomachs need to pay more attention to the possibility of “helicobacter pylori infection.”


If there is a long-term indigestion, digestive tract ulcers and other diseases, you can go to the hospital to do the next examination, as soon as possible to exclude the possibility of infection with helicobacter pylori.


Regular checkups are recommended if you have a family history of stomach cancer, or if you have a family history of high risk factors for stomach cancer.

If you are infected with Helicobacter pylori, do not worry too much, modern medicine uses antibiotic triple therapy, quadruple therapy, has been able to clear helicobacter pylori.

Paying attention to and keeping a “hygienic distance” from each other in life can greatly reduce the risk of infection.

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  • Modern medicine uses antibiotic triple therapy and quadruple therapy, which can eliminate Helicobacter pylori

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