College English teaching should strengthen cultural self-confidence, bid farewell to high scores and low abilities, and English teaching needs to be transformed

Classroom language is the main means of information exchange between teachers and students, and the main means for teachers to control students’ classroom behavior. The teaching effect of the training course is related to the number, difficulty, speed, timing, whether English is used and how English is used.




A considerable number of graduate and university students receiving elite education have difficulty directly confronting English literature that reflects the international frontier

1. Students’ English proficiency is uneven

One is English learning has a long history, from the junior middle school to high school to college, individual difference gradually accumulate, one’s deceased father grind English fractional line is generally low, it is difficult to become a real admission standards, the individual difference of postgraduate English is also very obvious, the second is a lot of college English set up only two years, after the English education supplement professional English, but a lot just for test, class time is less, It is difficult to guarantee the continuity of students’ learning English. For students with poor English foundation, it is very difficult to use English proficiently for professional study and research in postgraduate stage.

2. The curriculum is generally unreasonable

At present, the college English curriculum is relatively simple, with intensive reading as the main course and auxiliary audio-visual teaching as well, but its proportion is generally small, which is not conducive to improving the comprehensive English ability. At the same time, the course materials are unified as a whole, which cannot reflect the development direction of the major and can not meet the needs of students’ professional learning and research.

3. The English level of students in the same major is difficult to balance

Therefore, the biggest disadvantage of this distribution method is that it can not only use materials. In order to overcome the disadvantages of professional organized education, many schools adopt the organizational form of graded education. Hierarchical teaching can effectively organize students into different levels, and the teaching process pays attention to individual differences. However, students of the same level with different majors ignore the major differences of the same content.


4, College English teaching time is less, mainly in order to pass the CET-4 and CET-6 tests

In China, English is one of the most devoted courses for students, and it is the most popular public course in universities. Although the starting point of English learning is earlier than the first grade and school age, college English education has been positioned as the primary and secondary education of general English and basic English, and its effect is also very limited.

At present, the public English textbooks are full of problems that do not match the cognitive level and knowledge structure of college students, such as parents, hometown, personal interests, etc., which lead to the general slackness of students in English learning. In public English teaching, exam-oriented education should be carried out with the motivation of reaching the standard of ability level.

College English has long been regarded as a foreign language world look down on foreign language as tools to obtain professional knowledge and communication, adhere to the foreign language education is humanity quality education, is a cross-cultural education, second, the foreign language world think that students with a solid language foundation, can adapt to the professional knowledge of learning and research, don’t have to be combined with professional knowledge of science and technology English.


5. The transformation of college English teaching methods is urgent

In order to meet the needs of national scientific and technological innovation talent training, high schools need college students who directly study, work and do scientific research in English. As a result, college English education has shifted from general English to professional English. At present, the academic community is still divided on whether to restore the use of English.

Some people think that foreign language, foreign language literature, linguistics can teach, professional foreign language is professional English (such as metallurgical English, material English, etc.), the general foreign language teacher can not teach. In fact, this is a profound misunderstanding. Professional English is not professional English, but professional content as a medium of language analysis, teaching students to absorb professional knowledge to communicate.

In short, professional English allows students to analyze the language structure and language characteristics of papers in professional fields or experimental reports, master the language rules of genre articles, and enable students to absorb information quickly and effectively when reading, and write articles and reports that are recognized in China.

Grammar is good, again fluent, college English 4 or 6 above, only that he has enough language reserves. However, this preparation can only be targeted and effective if it is combined with a specific working environment (e.g., reports of chemical experiments, civil judgments, communications between pilots and the control platform, etc.).