English class is boring, students are not interested, might as well try listening, reading, writing combined

Learn English as a favorite language, whether it’s in primary school or middle school. With English as the carrier, English can be integrated with other disciplines. After entering the university, English can be deeply integrated with the major you have learned. Only then can English really play its role. In fact, the higher the level of education, the better the English scores. But at the basic level of education, learning is less difficult.



English is not just a language, it is a “tool” to climb

1. Learn about another culture

Let students have the opportunity to learn English, so that they know about the world, so that students better understand the value of English learning, at the same time pay attention to avoid the exam, or only pay attention to the shortcomings of vocabulary and expression learning. In terms of the resource view of English, when there is a big gap between the teaching content and the students’ actual level, many teachers mainly have two solutions: one is to reduce language reading and learning, and use the language knowledge in the textbook for teaching.

The second is to choose extracurricular textbooks in line with students’ actual level for teaching. Students’ lack of interest and low learning efficiency is a prominent problem in English teaching. In middle school, many students give up learning English because they gain limited language knowledge, reading pleasure and reading strategies from elite reading. The inefficient learning makes students lack of confidence and interest to continue learning English.


In a sense, general learning is more important than fine learning

Make good use of English songs, original English movies, English stories and other rich teaching resources. Teaching is a way of stimulating students’ interest in listening to English independently through English reading, film simulation, and English drama. From a practical point of view, it is impossible to learn English language knowledge without memorizing vocabulary and grammar. Speaking and writing activities are the carriers of language knowledge learning and improvement.

In daily teaching, teachers should design a variety of listening, speaking, reading and writing activities, so that students can have a variety of language practice opportunities and experience, so that students can gain more language knowledge and experience the fun of language communication in the process of listening and reading. This is conducive to improving students’ interest in English learning and better understanding of the practical significance of English teaching.


English learning must persist day after day, year after year

Teachers should cultivate students’ habit of reciting words and reading extra-curricular English books every day. Through the accumulation of vocabulary for a long time, students’ reading ability and language sense can be improved. Teachers should study grammar knowledge deeply, so that each student can master and apply grammar, especially writing, and students must check grammar carefully. Teachers often let students listen to more English songs and wonderful English movies, which can effectively train their listening and speaking.

In this process, students can develop their interest in English better. If a child is interested in English, he will study hard. That is to stimulate the learning enthusiasm of students, give full play to the learning potential of students; By analyzing the key points of English knowledge, teachers can absorb English knowledge better and meet the teaching needs better. At the same time, before each test, the teacher will guide the students to study English together, such as encouraging the students to study English, the English performance will naturally improve. Teachers have good control over students’ English, academic and academic performance.



Students for English, in the early stage is not to understand the use of English, so the teacher’s hard work

1. Concentrate on teaching

Make the whole classroom full of harmony, harmony, excitement, enriching emotional atmosphere. Direct understanding of the meaning of the teaching content, guide the students into the context, create a situation, cultivate the habit of using English to think. Organize some fun activities during teaching, such as singing, playing games, giving up passwords and so on.

Make use of these flexible teaching methods to let students participate in learning activities. Every day we have success and happiness. Therefore, the teacher in the teaching should use good performance – success – happy three step method, especially to the underachiever to give more affirmation and evaluation.