The first brother of Hong Kong Police talking about the university student union of Hong K

On the 7th of this month, the Council of the student union of the University of Hong Kong passed the so-called “motion”, expressing “mourning” for the suspect of the lone wolf terrorist attack in Hong Kong, which has attracted many criticisms. Two days later, the Council of the University Students Association of Hong Kong announced the withdrawal of the motion and apologized, and the Secretary General announced his resignation.

But apologizing doesn’t cover up the bad things. On the 13th, the chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mrs Carrie Lam, who is the supervisor of the University of Hong Kong, said that the conduct of the Council of the University of Hong Kong is appalling. In a statement issued on Datong day, HKU announced that it would no longer recognize the existing role of the HKU student union as an independent registered society. The following day, HKU sent a letter to the Council of the student union, asking the student union to move out of the student union complex by the 21st of this month. On the 16th, members of the National Security Department of the Hong Kong police entered the campus of HKU to search for identity cards.

Xiao Zeyi said in an exclusive interview that all people who break the law have to bear the legal consequences, and young people are no exception. Think about the consequences before doing anything that may be illegal. Don’t think that if you come out to apologize after you’ve done it, you may be innocent.

As for whether mourning out of lamenting the tragedy and condoling the bereaved can’t exist, Xiao Zeyi thinks that the purpose behind some mourning acts is to incite illegal acts and beautify violence to some extent. Mourning for such cruel events is to publicize terrorist activities to some extent? This needs to be understood. If it is proved that it does, it will act in accordance with the law.

Xiao Zeyi said that teenagers’ awareness of law-abiding is one of his most concerned jobs in the future. In particular, he mentioned that nine of the 14 arrested members of the “Guangcheng people” are middle school students. Xiao Zeyi questioned “who is behind this” and “will these people let their children do the same thing?” he said that these students have become “chess pieces” and “rotten pawns” (cannon fodder). He pointed out that not only the police force, but also schools, teachers and parents should think for the next generation. They should have the courage to tell young people that it is wrong to do so. If they are worried that it will cause disputes, it will harm young people.

“One brother” of Hong Kong Police: can apology be regarded as innocence after the university students’ Union of Hong Kong breaks the law? Hong Kong Day

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The Hong Kong police have set up a special team to watch out for anti police remarks on the Internet

There are views that violent demonstrations on the streets of Hong Kong have almost disappeared in the past year, but hatred has only turned to the Internet and never resolved. Xiao Zeyi said that there are still people in the society who hate the police and publish their hate speech on the Internet. To this end, the police have set up a dedicated team to pay attention to social media every day and point out that “if you are brave enough to do it, we will enforce the law decisively.”.

According to Xiao Zeyi, organized transformation is not ruled out. The police will expand the intelligence network, strengthen high-profile patrols and put in more plain clothes police to watch out for suspicious persons attempting to engage in illegal activities; In addition, anti-terrorism drills and publicity and education will be strengthened. At present, the police have launched a hotline and an online reporting system to encourage the public to inform the police as soon as possible if they find someone around them starting to “self intensify”.