Confession of a child abducted for 21 years

For Ling Dong, who was abducted and sold at the age of 4, this drop of blood not only means missing his family for 21 years, but also means a kind of contradictory “hatred”.

When he was abducted, the trafficker said that he was abandoned by his mother. In Luocheng, Guangxi, he was the first to support his family. Within a few months, his mother became pregnant and sent him to Liuzhou, more than 100 kilometers away.

For more than 20 years, he has been a little bit desperate in the fantasy that “my mother will forgive me and take me home”. The grievances and injuries he suffered in supporting his family also made the hatred grow in a long time.

Before making up his mind to collect blood, he sent out a text message at 4:30 in the morning: “I also have the right to seek my own life experience and truth.”

Here is his account——

“I hate my mother, I hate all of her, I miss my mother, I think she must be beautiful”

The year when I was abducted should have been the autumn of 1999. I only know that I was taken to Guangxi by a little uncle, and he took a train or boat. He also carried me on his back for a long mountain road, drinking with big trees and leaves. When I was crying, he would accompany me on the way to play hide and seek, saying that the police would catch me when I was crying.

After that, I went to a remote place where my parents were waiting for me. There were rivers, mountains, trees, chickens and ducks. I didn’t have them at home. I would look at them with fear and curiosity.

Once I broke the vase at home. My mother thought I was a troublemaker and said she didn’t want me. Within a few months, they had their own children and gave me to my present home.

In the winter when I left my first family, I slept with a stranger (grandma). At the age of 4, I wanted to pee, but I didn’t dare to say. In the end, she found these problems. Since that night, I have a sense of security when I sleep with my grandmother. She covers my legs warm.

Not long after I came here, my new parents asked me to learn to do something. I began to learn how to cook. Once, I secretly put an egg into the cooked rice, and the egg liquid was printed on the rice noodles. My father found out that I had no food that night, so I went to the pigsty for the night.

My sister secretly put the food into my pocket and made it into a ball for me to eat. She said, “brother, eat it quickly. It’ll be dawn soon one night. Don’t eat eggs in the future. It’s for sale.”

Another time I wanted to eat crispy cakes. My sister took my father’s ten yuan to buy crispy cakes. I couldn’t bear to eat them. I chewed and chewed and laughed. I always ask my sister what she wants to do when she grows up. She says she has enough to eat and wear beautiful skirts. Now I buy her some skirts every year. She is the protector of my childhood and the image of my mother in my heart.

In my opinion, adoptive parents can be said to be law blind. In their environment, mostly for the sake of daily necessities, evolved into a husband and wife dispute to the end.

My adoptive father has a bad temper. I don’t dare to approach him very much. Sometimes I think that they are very tired working in the field, so I feel sorry for them. Maybe they don’t show much love for me. For example, when I am sick, they pay me to go to the barefoot doctor in the village to get the medicine. When I go home, I will ask if I have taken the medicine and remember to take it. I was bullied outside. My adoptive mother would stop me and vent her anger for me. She thought I was stupid and said she could hide from me in the future.

When I was 7 years old, I got a new name, Dongdong, because I came here in winter. They usually call me brother. Many parents in Liuzhou call my son like this.

When I was studying, I didn’t want to study. In the summer of my second grade, I was swimming in the pool. It wasn’t long before I got into the water. When my adoptive father came, I was very scared and knew I couldn’t escape. Did not want to, he took my clothes away, said let me play enough, do not eat.