Shocked! Just two calls

Some time ago, Li Laobo from Daqing, Heilongjiang Province received two phone calls. As a result, he was brainwashed and transferred more than 10 million yuan in his account to the swindler more than 100 times.

What kind of deception can make a liar succeed so easily?

11 accounts, transfer more than 100 times in batches

More than 10 million people were cheated

According to the news report, Uncle Li of Daqing in Heilongjiang Province suddenly received a phone call from a customer service staff of a telecom operator.

The customer service staff asked him if he had handled a phone card and informed him that the phone card had been frozen by Shanghai Public Security Bureau for suspected Telecom fraud.

Li is a 70 year old man, received the call, he was a little confused, but the other party said the number, it is just his mobile phone number.

When Uncle Li was thinking about it, he called again. This time, he said that it was officer Huang of Shanghai Public Security Bureau. He said that his bank card was suspected of money laundering. In order to facilitate communication, the other party also added wechat to Uncle Li.

After adding wechat, officer Huang told Uncle Li that his bank card was suspected of money laundering and asked to transfer Li’s assets to his bank card. ”

In order to prove his innocence, Uncle Li told the police officer Huang of his so-called bank card password and U shield information. He transferred money to the swindler more than 100 times from the 24th to the 31st, with a total of 11 accounts, ranging from 50000 to 100000 yuan each time, totaling more than 10 million yuan.

In the process, the officer told Li that all the money was transferred to the security account and would return intact after the investigation. But Li waited for several days, and the officer not only didn’t give back the money, but also disappeared. At this time, Li realized that he had encountered Telecom fraud and reported the case.

Finally, the police arrested 26 suspects, frozen funds of more than 8 million yuan, a total of 28 cases, the case is under further investigation.

Fraud by pretending to be public security personnel

Many old people are cheated

In fact, it is not a case that old Uncle Li in Heilongjiang Province was cheated of more than 10 million yuan. In recent years, many cases of elderly people suffering from telecommunications fraud have a common feature: fraudsters pretending to be public security officers.

In 2019, it was revealed that an old man in a famous community in the east of Hangzhou was cheated out of more than 10 million demolition money.

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