Microsoft bet on the rise of mixed working mode

Microsoft is betting on the rise of hybrid mode, which will make its Windows operating system more widely used. On Wednesday, local time, Microsoft announced the launch of a new product, windows 365, which allows employees to access virtual PCs running Microsoft Windows and cloud based to attract apple and Android users to use their software.

Unlike traditional windows, which is usually installed on a PC, Microsoft’s windows 365, launched on Wednesday, will run completely in the cloud, which is a remote software hosted Data Center for many modern applications. Microsoft says windows 365 can be accessed on any device running an operating system with a web browser, such as Apple Mac, iPhone and iPad, or devices running Google Android.

Jared spartaro, Microsoft’s vice president, said the new service was designed for businesses to meet the growing demand for mixed work models. In a mixed work environment, employees allocate time between the office and home. But whether logging in at the office or at home, employees can access their personalized, cloud based Windows desktop without having to commute with their PC.

“This is how we deal with the rise of the hybrid work model, which really drives the rewiring of our customer’s business model,” Spataro said in an interview

Windows 365 is Microsoft’s second major update of its flagship software in a few months. In June, the company said it would launch windows 11 this year, the first major update to the product in nearly six years. Microsoft seeks to relocate the operating system to the center of the computing world, including competitor platforms.

Microsoft’s operating system is moving to the cloud as its share of the segment has been eroded and people tend to do more on smartphones, mainly powered by Apple software or Android. Microsoft, which made 85 percent of the global operating system market on all PCs and smartphones a decade ago, has now fallen to 30 percent, according to StatCounter, a market analyst.

While azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing business, has become more important for the growth of the software giant, it still has a significant revenue from windows. Microsoft’s windows related sales have reached $22.3 billion in the last fiscal year. Satya NADELLA, Microsoft’s chief executive, has backed up Microsoft’s strength by betting on cloud computing. Cloud computing has pushed Microsoft to become a $2trillion company giant, second only to apple.

Microsoft said the new service will be launched in August with cloud based windows 10, and the windows 11 version will be available later this year. Enterprises can subscribe to monthly services, and the pricing depends on the number of users and the ability of the cloud PC they choose. Microsoft has not yet detailed pricing plans. Microsoft said the services could help businesses better deal with interns, contractors, software developers, designers and other employees, who may not be able to use their company’s devices in some cases or tend to be attracted to Apple products.