Both husband and wife were killed living in a shop for work

At about 15:33 on July 12, the auxiliary room of sijikaiyuan Hotel, located at 188 Youche Road, Songling street, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, collapsed, causing 23 people to be trapped and 17 of them to die.

According to Xinhua news agency, according to preliminary technical analysis, the initial cause of the accident may be that the existing property owners arranged workers to enter the collapsed house to carry out renovation without authorization. The load-bearing wall inside the auxiliary building of the hotel is suspected to have been demolished, resulting in the collapse of this part of the house.

Firefighters search and rescue at the scene, according to Xinhua news agency

The Red Star News reporter learned from an interview in Wujiang, Suzhou that the building where the hotel is located has a history of nearly 30 years, and the hotel has changed owners several times since 2015. A former hotel manager said that at that time, the facilities and equipment were very old, there were cracks in the wall, water often leaked when it rained, and they were “unable to find the landlord for maintenance.” After Wang Anshi took over the hotel, the business was not satisfactory.

A victim’s family told Red Star News reporters that after the incident, they learned that the first floor of the auxiliary room of sijikaiyuan hotel was decorated, “the load-bearing wall has been smashed for two days.” This statement has not been officially confirmed.

At present, the Jiangsu provincial government has set up an accident investigation team to conduct in-depth investigation on the specific causes of the accident in accordance with the law and regulations. The public security organs summon and investigate the legal representative, actual operator, project leader, engineering designer and on-site construction leader of the hotel, and take criminal coercive measures against the relevant personnel.

On July 14, the safety committee of the State Council decided to set up a supervision team to supervise the major collapse of sijikaiyuan hotel in Wujiang District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.