Tape your hands and turn off the lights

“Turn off the lights” and “death rubber cloth competition”, know “head letter D” friends are certainly not unfamiliar. Turn off the lights and run, that is, turn off the lights at night and drive; The death rubber race, is to use the tape to put the hand and direction that does not need to be suspended together and drive the vehicle.

Animation is illusory after all, but recently, rumors have also played “off the lights” and “death rubber cloth competition”. The location is located in Longquan Mountain, Chengdu.

“The tape wrapped in the hand and steering wheel, turned off the lights, and at night Longquan Mountain died of the sports car, and all of them hit.” Since July 13, such a news has spread in some forums, microblogs and wechat groups.

The witness and the client responded to the “Death Race” of lights off at night in Longquan Mountain, Chengdu (source: ~)

Red Star News reporters noticed that online video, from wechat shouting, to the scene of racing, to the scene of the car accident, all have. Is there any connection between these videos? Is it happening at the same time? Is it really someone who turns off the light and meets the death car? On the 14th, reporters visited the scene and investigated the scene witnesses in the video to find out that the truth of the fact is not as much as the Internet rumors

Wechat pictures_ 20210714203957.png

Video transmission on the Internet shows that there was a car accident on the night of July 12 in Longquan Mountain

Video hot transmission:

Someone played “death rubber tape race” in Longquan Mountain

According to the Red Star News reporter, there are four hot video.

A video shows a group of wechat named “XX Longquan Houshan”. Some people shout in voice: “turn off the lights all the time! Dead tape! Come on! ““ You’re teaching me to run the mountain? I am XX if I don’t come. ”

The second segment is a video of the dash cam, which is displayed at 10:36 on June 12, 2021, in which two vehicles chase in the dark and turn on when the lights are off.