Response of pregnant women falling from cliff in Thailand

On July 9, two years ago in Thailand, a pregnant woman, Ms. Wang, who was pushed off a cliff by her husband and survived miraculously, opened the first live delivery in a live studio on a certain platform. On the same day, the highest number of live visits reached 50000, with sales of nearly 3 million yuan.

In the live broadcast, Ms. Wang shed tears. She told Red Star news that it is of special significance for her to start the first live broadcast on this day. It happened to be her birthday. After the accident in Thailand, she never had a birthday again.

“The reason why I choose to start my first live broadcast on my birthday is to regard this as my rebirth.”

On June 9, 2019, Ms. Wang, who was 3 months pregnant, fell from a 34 meter high cliff in Thailand’s uben Paden National Park. After being found, she was sent to the hospital for rescue and survived miraculously. After waking up, Ms. Wang told the media the truth of the incident: “my husband pushed me down from the cliff.”

On March 24, 2020, the Thai local court found the defendant Yu Mou Dong guilty of intentional homicide and sentenced him to life imprisonment with civil compensation of 5.2 million baht (about 1.06 million yuan). Yu made an appeal in court. In April this year, the case was sentenced in the second instance, and the sentence of the defendant Yu was changed to 10 years’ imprisonment. In this regard, Ms. Wang said she would continue to appeal.

However, the live broadcast also quickly attracted doubts, and some netizens said it made money by “selling miserably”.

In an interview with Red Star News on July 14, Ms. Wang said that before the live broadcast, she had a long-term entanglement and was psychologically prepared for the possible doubts.

“I know everyone has different opinions about it. But I have to face the reality. The reality is that my career has been hit hard and I still can’t take care of myself( On the one hand, it is the high litigation costs and later medical expenses, on the other hand, it is the elderly parents. In the past two years, I’ve been eating my old bread. I can’t continue to die. “