National carbon emission trading market

After three weeks of delay, the national carbon emission trading market (hereinafter referred to as the national carbon market) will open on July 16.

A number of industry insiders confirmed the above news to Caijing reporter. On Friday morning, the national carbon market will hold a launching ceremony in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan, followed by the first batch of trading.

The industry estimates that the initial trading price of the national carbon market is about 30-50 yuan / ton, slightly higher than the average level of the pilot areas. Due to the relatively balanced supply and demand of the national carbon market in the first year, it is expected that the initial market trading volume will not be very high.

Detailed trading details of the national carbon market are expected to be released after the opening of the market. Shanghai environment and energy exchange, which operates the national carbon market trading system, issued the announcement on matters related to the national carbon emission trading on June 22, disclosing some trading rules of the national carbon market, but the detailed trading rules have not been released.

The power generation industry is the first to be included in the national carbon emission quota management, with a total of 2225 power generation enterprises and self provided power plants, and the total carbon dioxide emission is about 4 billion tons / year. These enterprises will become the main participants in the national carbon market, and other institutions and individuals can not participate in the national carbon market for the time being.

The national carbon market was scheduled to open on June 25, but it was stopped by the competent authorities just before the opening of the market for unknown reasons《 According to the comprehensive information of all parties, the reasons for the suspension mainly include three aspects: first, the administrative process has not yet been completed; second, the relevant policies and regulations still need to be improved; third, problems have been exposed in the verification of relevant data of carbon market.

Now, the first problem has been solved. On July 7, Premier Li Keqiang presided over an executive meeting of the State Council, which made it clear that the national carbon emission trading market of power generation industry will be launched in July this year. On July 8, the Ministry of ecological environment announced that the national carbon emission trading market had completed all the preparatory work for launching the trading, and would launch the online trading at the right time in July.