Shrinking rural passenger transport market

“These buses are all passing through Nanjin town in other towns. Once full staff can’t sit, it’s inconvenient.” “It may be harder to get in the car when there are many people on the new year’s Eve,” said Huang Like mother Huang, there are so many complaints and worries, and many residents nearby. All of this is because the passenger line from Nanjin town to and from Ziyang City stopped on June 19!

Facing complaints, the last two operators before the passenger line stopped working were also helpless, “running is a loss, and it will cost thousands of yuan in more than a month.”

In recent days, Red Star News reporters in the local investigation learned that the reason for the shutdown of this passenger line is the rapid shrinking of passenger flow. The reasons for the diversification of local residents’ travel modes, the decrease of permanent residents and the increase of labor cost and the unadjusted fare for more than 10 years are behind this“ If you can’t keep running, you have to stop. ” At present, local transportation departments are taking measures to meet the travel needs of rural passengers.

It is more noteworthy that not only this rural passenger line is out of service, but at Ziyang bus station alone, at least 30 rural passenger lines have been shut down in the past five years. However, the rural passenger transport market is shrinking and difficult, which exists in many places in the country. How to break the embarrassment between rural passenger travel and passenger market management difficulties has become an urgent task to explore and solve

In the afternoon of July 11, a passenger took a “passing car” in Changzhen, Nanjin town


“Seven passing cars were stopped before they got on”

The rural passenger line is not convenient for residents to travel

Nanjin town, once an important post station on Chengdu Chongqing ancient post road, is about 11 kilometers away from Ziyang City, Sichuan Province. Today, it is also a traffic fortress for Ziyang City to and from Yanjiang District courtyard, Wuhuang, Dongfeng, Shiling, and Kanjia.

Nevertheless, the passenger line from Nanjin to Ziyang City completed its last day operation on June 18 and has since exited the market. Nanjin town station has no bus stop, now it has become a parking lot.