Indian media play up “China has built watchtower at the border”

China has built a concrete watchtower with camera monitoring facilities in the center of the camp in the “Ladakh area” to observe Indian military activities and deployment, an Indian security agency source said on the 13th. The source added that “the Indian army has also set up a wooden pole with a digital camera” as a counter measure. Anonymous sources told the global times on the 13th that the use of monitoring equipment to ensure the effective implementation of the agreement on disengagement was agreed by both sides.

The report quoted an anonymous official from India’s interior ministry as saying that the watchtowers and outposts erected by the Chinese side can overlook the areas controlled by the Indian army, “this is a very worrying problem” and “they continue to deploy personnel and equipment in high altitude areas with an altitude of more than 4000 meters.”. Another Indian intelligence official believed that India and China “have an unwritten tacit understanding in recent decades” that no permanent or semi permanent building will be built within 10 to 15 kilometers on both sides of the actual control line. “However, the Chinese watchtower guarded by armed personnel is obviously a permanent building.”.

The Tribune of India revealed that India and China exchanged the agenda for the next round of military commander level talks, but the two sides did not reach an agreement on the specific date of the talks. However, the time is expected to be finalized soon. An anonymous source told the global times on the 13th that India hopes the two sides can take advantage of the talks to promote progress in the disengagement work along the line of control. According to the person, the two sides reached an agreement during the early stage of the disengagement between the north and south sides of Bangong Lake, and the use of monitoring equipment to ensure the effective implementation of the agreement was mutually agreed. Therefore, it is difficult to interpret China’s move to set up a watchtower as “worrying”, which can be seen from the low-key response of the Indian military and government.

After India and China reached an agreement on disengagement, Indian media played up China’s so-called actions in border areas from time to time《 On the 13th, the telegraph quoted several retired senior Indian military officials as saying that the modi government’s position on the border issue with China was “too weak” and failed to achieve the goal of restoring the border area to its original state before the confrontation.

A spokesman for China’s foreign ministry said recently that the current situation along the border between China and India is generally stable, and the two sides are resolving the border situation through negotiations. In this context, the words, deeds and military deployment of the relevant military and political dignitaries should be conducive to easing the situation and enhancing mutual trust between the two sides, not the opposite.