Ideal mercury event parties

On the evening of July 12, uncle Zhengyi Qian, a party involved in the ideal one mercury incident, tweeted that he had gone to several top three hospitals in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, but could not do the examination for harmful elements. Later, I was introduced to an occupational disease hospital. I went to the hospital today (July 13), and I will do it further according to my ideal requirements. Although I feel very weak and aggrieved, I still have to stick to it. At the same time, he said that for the ideal mercury incident, both personal and ideal aspects of the alarm, but it does not constitute the standard of poisoning filing.

Ideal mercury incident parties: several hospitals can not do harmful element examination

The ideal level of public relations is not as good as Tesla

Li Xiang, the founder of ideal automobile, participated in “wonderful flower theory” once in February this year. In his own words, he thought he was going to be a tutor. He only knew it was a contestant when the program began.

When Li Shi introduced him, he labeled him “Musk’s biggest competitor” according to the practice of carrying sedan chair for guests. Li Xiang also didn’t refuse, showing a shy and happy smile in front of the camera.

But Li Xiang and musk have not much to compare, in addition to openly denouncing others, they are more unscrupulous than musk.

After scolding the media, technical personnel and colleagues, Li Xiang has made a surprising remark recently.

On July 5, after an ideal car owner reported that mercury was found in the ideal one seat, Li Xiang directly scolded on his micro blog: “those who spread rumors about our use of mercury and the media wish you mercury flowing in your blood and filling your mind with mercury!”

This time, Li Xiang’s fury has pushed the controversial ideal car to the center of the storm.

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