The archetype of lost orphan finds his son

“The man Andy Lau is desperately looking for has been found!” “Today is very important for me,” Guo gangtang, the prototype of the film lost orphan, said on social platform on July 11 He confirmed to the media on December that his son found a successful DNA match in Henan Province. Police have arranged a meeting tomorrow.

Yangzi Evening News / Ziniu news reporter contacted lixiuhua, who had known Guo gangtang for many years, and she and guogangtang were in the same family seeking group. In July 2002, her only daughter Li Jing lost her life in the village. “We are happy with him and are asking if we can go to the scene of his admission and get a bit of joy,” she said. He found the child also gave us a reason not to give up, and also to insist on the courage to find. ” The son was abducted for 24 years, and his father rode to find his son for more than 400000 km on July 12. The host Chen Luyu released a video recording the pictures of Guo Gang Tang family who heard about the recognition of their relatives. Guo Gang Tang cried with joy in the video: “the child found it. God is not thin to us.” “I cried with joy, and I couldn’t control it. I cried for more than 20 years, but I turned my son over,” his wife said

The archetype of the lost orphan finds the parents whose sons are looking for relatives together: it gives us confidence

Guo was very happy to know that his son had been found. Source: the news of Chen Luyu’s joy is the persistence of Guo gangtang, the father of his orphan, for 24 years. On September 21, 1997, Guo Zhen, two and a half years old son of guogangtang, was abducted by traffickers at the door of his family in litayton village, Liaocheng, Shandong Province. Guo said that he was driving a tractor to carry out transportation, and that day he went to pull the goods“ At that time, the child and a little girl were playing at the door of the house. According to the little girl’s memory, a 25-30-year-old woman wiped her face with her handkerchief, and the child followed her well