South Korea continues to participate in US Australia joint military exercises

There are about nine months to go before the presidential election of South Korea in March next year.

Moon Jae in June 29th, Yin Xiyue, the former Attorney General of the Republic of Korea, formally announced the election for president. The prosecutor, who was promoted by Wen Yin, was attacking moon Jae in all directions. On July 12, Yin Xiyue was registered as a candidate for the 20th South Korean presidential election in March next year.

Although South Korea’s next presidential election is still some time away, now the major presidential candidates are already rubbing their hands. For a long time in the past, the popular candidate Yin Xiyue was far ahead of other candidates in the public opinion polls, but recently she was overtaken by another presidential candidate Li Zai Ming.

Li Zai Ming

According to the latest public opinion survey report, the support rate of Yin Xiyue is only 37.6%, while that of Li Zaiming has reached 44.7%.

During his presidential campaign, Li Zaiming proposed reform measures for the national economic structure. He will focus on the economic field after he takes office. For the moon Jae in, if he chooses to support him, it is also a good choice.

However, in a speech, Li zaeming shelled the US troops in South Korea and called them “occupying forces”. He frankly said that there were problems in South Korea’s history, which caused a thousand waves. Are you sure the U.S. will not feel uncomfortable hearing this?

At present, the result of the South Korean presidential election is still full of uncertainty. After all, there are too many variables.

Even though Li Zai Ming’s performance is good, because Yin Xiyue has won the support of many opposition parties, as the influence of his mother-in-law case gradually subsides, Yin Xiyue’s support rate in the public opinion survey is likely to continue to rebound. In addition, as the former Attorney General of South Korea, Yin Xiyue has handled many big cases, so she has won the support of many people.