Assassinate the president of Haiti

According to CNN on July 10, police have arrested 20 people, including 18 Colombians and 2 Haitian Americans, among the 28 people suspected of assassinating President moez. Another three people were killed, Prime Minister Joseph’s office quoted Haitian police as saying.

Although the details of the suspect’s identity are gradually revealed, who is behind the scenes? What is the motive? It’s still a mystery.

What is the identity of the suspect?

On July 7 local time, Haitian President Moz was assassinated at his home and his wife was injured and sent to Miami for treatment. On the day of the death of the president of Haiti, Prime Minister Joseph announced after the end of the ministerial meeting that the whole country mourned 15 days for the assassinated President Moz. From July 8 to 22, the national flag was lowered at half mast to mourn, entertainment venues were closed, and radio and television programs must conform to the theme of the day of mourning.

On July 7, 2021 local time, Marty Moiz, first lady of Haiti in Florida, USA, has arrived at the airport and will be treated in Miami/ IC photo

Haiti’s judiciary released preliminary findings that the attackers used 5.56mm and 9mm bullets. Moiz was shot 12 times in the body, one in the left ear, one in the right arm, one in the left leg and one in the face. He even shot several times in the abdomen. The security personnel around him were not injured. Whether security personnel are involved in the case, Port au Prince Procuratorate in Haiti is conducting a trial.

Staff are investigating the scene after President mauz of Haiti was killed in a private apartment in Port au Prince, Haiti, on July 7, 2021 local time/ IC photo

Haitian police are still catching suspects in the assassination of President mauz.

The Colombian government confirmed the identity of several of them, saying that most of the suspects involved in the assassination of the president of Haiti were retired officers and soldiers of the FARC, one of whom was a retired colonel and the other a member of the former elite counter terrorism team.