The group army guarding the southeast coastal areas

Recently, the amphibious armored force of the 73rd army group has carried out sea training in a certain sea area, using our self-developed 05 amphibious armored vehicle to focus on sea tactics.

Haike news, the official client of the overseas edition of people’s daily, disclosed that CCTV rarely broadcast the drill, and the amphibious equipment mentioned above will play the role of “kicking the door” in the battle of beach landing.

“Kick the door”

Haike news broadcast a video on July 9, saying that on July 9, the amphibious armored forces of the 73rd army group carried out maritime training in a certain sea area, and the 05 amphibious armored vehicle trained around maritime tactics. It is worth noting that CCTV rarely broadcast live.

It is also mentioned in the article that the powerful firepower and high-speed performance of the 05 amphibious assault vehicle make it competent for the task of beach and island landing, providing a safer landing environment for the subsequent landing troops, and playing the role of “kicking the door”.

Zhengzhijian (wechat ID: bqzhengzhiju) combs and publishes reports that the 05 amphibious armored vehicle is the most advanced amphibious landing armored equipment of the PLA at present, which is independently developed by China. It adopts the tracked chassis with higher cross-country ability and is equipped with powerful power system and weapon system, and can attack the enemy in the process of moving in the water. At the same time, this armored vehicle’s comprehensive combat power is second to none in the world.

“Super run on the sea”

Song Zhongping, a military commentator, told zhengzhijian that the 05 amphibious armored vehicle is a series of equipment specially developed by China for amphibious landing operations. The reason why it is a series is that the type 05 armored vehicle is a concept of amphibious vehicle family, which has developed a number of different types of amphibious vehicles to perform different tasks.