Suspect in the assassination of the president of Haiti

11 militants suspected of assassinating President mauz broke into the Taiwan Embassy in Haiti on August 8, all of which were arrested by Haitian police. According to Guo Zhengliang, a former DPP “Standing Committee”, said that mercenaries broke into the embassy, not seeking political asylum, but to rob. Taiwan donated 150 million dollars to Haiti two years ago and was considered as “fat sheep”, so they dropped in to the embassy to rob.

Guo Zhengliang said on the Chinese News “global vision” program on November 11 that after the death of the president of Haiti, the Haitian government asked the US military to intervene in protection. No one has confidence in how to maintain order for various forces in the country. It is generally believed that Haiti may be followed by civil war, or various social forces start killing, and gangs will start to rob territory. This phenomenon may continue for a while if the United States does not intervene.

Guo added, why did security forces not protect the president of Haiti? It’s weird that mercenaries come in, use different languages, why don’t the security forces shoot, let them in. The president has 12 shots and the security forces have not been going to encircle these people. It’s weird. He suspects there are ghosts in the security forces. In the first time, no one in the whole security force clashed with mercenaries, but only started to conflict after killing. After the conflict, no one in the security forces died of guns, which is incredible.

Guo said it was understood that when the mercenaries left, they moved more than ten boxes of US dollars from the presidential residence of Haiti. So he would tend to think that when they want to escape, why they enter the “embassy” of Taiwan authorities is because they think that the “embassy” is rich too; Taiwan donated 150 million dollars to Haiti two years ago, which they thought was “fat sheep”. So since we can find money in the presidential residence of Haiti, the Taiwan authorities’ embassy will certainly have money, so we will rob by the way.

Guo believes that mercenaries are not seeking political asylum, and Taiwan cannot afford to protect such people. He thought mercenaries were to rob, but when they entered the wall they were surrounded and they surrendered quickly. He also thought it was weird, that 17 of them had surrendered without being hurt and were arrested.