Peking University’s first letter of acceptance

Yesterday, Peking University’s first undergraduate admission notice was delivered!

Wang Yijin from Shishi middle school in Chengdu, Sichuan

Become the first lucky person to receive the notice this year

Wang Yijin applied for the exam

The first batch enrollment in undergraduate

Dazhao class, a Marxist theory talent training program of Peking University

About to enter the school of Marxism of Peking University

Become a new swallow, set foot on the road of search

Let’s approach this special letter of acceptance together

Witness this special moment together


Special offer

Yesterday, the first undergraduate admission notice of Peking University was sent to Shishi middle school in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Researcher song Chaolong, vice president of the school of Marxism of Peking University, brought this special surprise and expectation to Wang Yijin.

This heavy admission notice is full of old Beida’s expectations for new Beida. Full of excitement and joy, Wang Yijin opened the admission notice. The simple plaque of the university is located in the center, and beside it is engraved with a small line: Peking University was founded in 1898, with the original name of “Beijing University”.

Carefully open the title page, Wang Yijin finally saw the “true face of Lushan Mountain” of the admission notice. Student number, name, department and major are the identity marks engraved in the next four years, which is the unique glory and pride of Beida. The silhouette of “a tower and a lake” in the lower left corner is Yanyuan, the place Yijin dreams of.