She made a miracle

Yi Zhen, a six-year-old girl from Xiangtan, Hunan Province, was paraplegic when she was five years old. She was transferred from Xiangtan to Changsha, and was sent to the intensive care unit. The doctor also issued a diagnosis: spinal cord injury, chest 4 to waist 1. Many people think that Yi Zhen will spend his whole life in a wheelchair in the future.

“I won’t buy a wheelchair!” Yi Zhen’s parents didn’t believe in fate. They didn’t even buy a wheelchair.

From then on, Yi Zhen, accompanied by her parents, embarked on a difficult road to recovery. She cried with pain for countless times. The strong girl never gave up and suffered the pain that adults could not bear.

From paraplegia to standing, from walking to running. From August 2020 to now, Yi Zhen and his parents have created “little miracles” stubbornly.

“She could be in a wheelchair all her life”

In the morning of August 20, 2020, Yi Zhen wants to practice a few dance moves in her spare time to complete the video task of punch in the dance class. After finishing the last handstand, Yi Zhen turned over and sat down on the mat. She felt a little numb and painful in her legs. Her father Wang Qiang asked her to sit on the sofa and have a rest. During the period, Yi Zhen also said that she wanted to go to the toilet. At this time, Wang Qiang felt something was wrong when he saw Yi Zhen’s walking posture. When Yi Zhen came back, she still said that her leg felt numb and painful, so Wang Qiang came to rub her daughter’s leg. But Yi Zhen told her father that he just rubbed his leg, and she didn’t feel it.

Wang Qiang heart a Deng, carefully confirm whether knead daughter’s leg daughter feel, but get the reply is no feeling. Seeing this, the couple immediately sent Yi Zhen to Xiangtan central hospital.

In the afternoon, the doctor went to talk with Yuan Ling’s family and said that Yi Zhen’s condition was serious. He suggested that he should be transferred to a higher hospital. So yuan Ling’s family took Yi Zhen to Hunan children’s hospital. Yi Zhen was directly promoted to the intensive care unit, and the diagnosis was given to the husband and wife: spinal cord injury chest 4 to waist 1.

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