When the family visit returns, the wedding room is soaked in “fecal water”

At the beginning of last year, Ms. Zhang went back to her hometown to visit her relatives. About a week later, Ms. Zhang returned to her home in Nanjing. As soon as she got home, she smelled a pungent smell and was shocked to open the door! The whole room was full of feces, almost every room was soaked, and the toilet was still pouring out. Ms. Zhang called the property immediately, and the property said that she was off work and needed to contact the repairman by herself.

Finally, the pipeline dredger cleared a large number of water-insoluble wet tissue, plastic bags, kitchen waste and other debris in the toilet connection drainage pipe between the 7th floor and the 8th floor, which led to the blockage of the drainage pipe. Ms. Zhang’s family suffered heavy losses. The original wedding room was equipped with high-end furniture. After being baptized by “excrement”, it was almost destroyed.

Ms. Zhang lives on the 8th floor. At first, she sued the residents on the 9th floor. After investigation, the judge found out that the improper use of the drainage pipe by the owner was the main cause of the blockage, while the property company did not conduct a comprehensive investigation on the pipeline and remove the potential hazards, so there was secondary responsibility. Therefore, 9-32 floors of households and properties were added as co defendants.

Yan Lihai, director of the judicial management office of the court of Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone, Nanjing, said that because there was no clear evidence to prove that the 9-storey residents had committed infringement, according to the current judicial practice, all the owners upstairs had common dangerous acts.