Former US President Trump’s response to twitter

Former US President Donald Trump has filed a class action lawsuit against twitter, Facebook and Google over account closures. Trump held a press conference on the 7th local time to ask the court to impose punitive damages on these social media giants and stop censoring the American people.

According to reports, Twitter has permanently banned Trump’s account, while Facebook has only temporarily suspended his account. When the account no longer poses a public security risk, it may be resumed in 2023. At the same time, trump has been suspended indefinitely from using other platform accounts such as youtube and snapchat. A trump spokesman did not immediately respond to requests for comment( CCTV reporter Xu Zhen

Trump, it never rains alone

Trump, the former president of the United States, who just held high the banner of “save America” in Ohio, may not have expected that trouble would come so soon.

The New York prosecutor’s investigation into the trump group is up to date. On July 1 local time, the Manhattan district attorney’s office in New York released the details of the charges against trump group and its chief financial officer, weisselberg. This is the first time New York prosecutors have filed charges since years of investigation.

In addition to the legal crisis faced by the trump group, the impact of the January 6 riots on Capitol Hill continues.

On the same day that prosecutors in New York announced the details of the charges, US House speaker and Democrat Pelosi appointed eight members of the house of Representatives as members of the special committee to investigate the riots on Capitol Hill to investigate the situation and causes of the riots on that day.

Analysts pointed out that both the legal charges and the investigation of the Capitol Hill riots will have a certain impact on Trump’s “comeback”, especially the investigation of the Capitol Hill riots may trigger new partisan disputes.

Trump’s “warrior” is in the test of loyalty

Weisselberg, the 73 year old chief financial officer of trump group, has served the trump family business for nearly half a century since the 1970s.

According to the New York Times, weisselberg is like Trump’s loyal “soldier”, but his loyalty has put himself in serious legal risk.