The Chinese media has done something that makes Americans feel sad

If there is something in the United States that is “famous” around the world, then “gun violence” must be the top. No, nearly 200 Americans were killed by gun violence just during the last two days of the long weekend holiday on independence day.

So, when China’s Xinhua News Agency tweeted a cartoon satirizing the issue of gun violence in the United States on its overseas social website, many Americans felt “heart tied”. A famous mainstream media person in the United States forwarded the Xinhua post, saying the United States was disgraceful in front of other countries.

Chris Hayes, the American media man, is the anchor of the golden file section of MSNBC news.

In the morning of July 7, Beijing time, Hayes saw a cartoon on twitter by Xinhua news agency of China, which satirized the issue of gun violence in the United States. The content of the cartoon was that politicians in Washington and American gun lobby celebrated their “freedom” on the day of American independence on July 4, Next to it was a white man with a bad head holding a gun and shooting at a grave buried in the victims of gun violence, celebrating his freedom to kill.