A woman falls into the Yangtze River in Yibin

At 3:15 on July 7, 2021, the duty room of Nanxi Marine Department of Yibin received the phone call from Nanxi police station of Changhang Public Security Bureau: some people found a drowning man in Nanxi Yangtze River Expressway Bridge and called for help. They hoped that the Marine Department would immediately get out of the boat to help search and rescue.

“Danger is an order”. At 3:20, the on duty leader of the marine department took Haixun 12276 to search the incident waters before going up. After the search failed, he turned around and started a carpet search downstream.

At 4:15, maritime law enforcement officers found a drowning person near jiulongtan water area in Nanxi district. Due to the rapid water flow and complex environment in the water area, maritime law enforcement officers comforted and rescued the drowning person through rescue equipment such as life buoy, life pole and rescue escalator, and finally successfully rescued him from Shanghai patrol boat. The drowning person was near coma, but his vital signs were generally stable.

At 4:35, the maritime law enforcement officers transferred the drowning person to the maritime barge and delivered 120 for further inspection and treatment.

It is understood that the drowning woman, surnamed Liu, 18 years old, from Xuzhou District of Yibin, had the idea of suicide due to excessive mental pressure. At about 20:30 on July 6, 2020, she went to the Jinsha River Bridge in maming River and entered the water. Along the way, she grabbed a wooden pile in the river and cried for help. By the time maritime law enforcement officers rescued them, they had been drifting in the Yangtze River for eight hours.

At present, it is in the flood season. The Yibin section of the Yangtze River trunk line is characterized by rapid water flow, complex water environment, many floating objects and turbid river water. It is very difficult for people to search and rescue at night after falling into the water. The maritime department reminds the general public not to step on or play in the water to ensure their own safety.