Ke Wenzhe openly “terrorizes” the DPP

On the evening of the 7th, when attending the live broadcast of Zhao Shaokang, chairman of “China Radio” and talking about the issue of “privileged vaccine”, he suddenly gave up his cruel words. He wanted to use Zhao Shaokang’s program to intimidate the Democratic Progressive Party. If he was engaged in any more daily activities, he would announce the list of vaccines in Taiwan’s “presidential palace”.

It is reported that Ke Wenzhe launched a full-scale attack against Cai’s “government” in an exclusive interview on the 7th. The new crown vaccine purchased by the DPP authorities has not been in place for a long time, resulting in a lot of vaccine chaos, and there have been a series of incidents of people grabbing residual vaccine and “privileged vaccine”. In this regard, Ke Wenzhe said that it was very sad to see Hualien people snatching the disability vaccine, because “survival is a human instinct, but the vaccine is not enough.”. Taking Taipei City as an example, he said that the neighborhood leader (equivalent to the head of the residents’ committee in mainland China) beat him. Do members want to beat him? Did the bus driver call? Do you want to call MRT? Police beat, Yixiao (volunteer firefighter) do you want to beat? Ke Wenzhe said that he could not bear to face this situation every day and directly asked Taipei vice mayor Cai Bingkun to deal with it. “I’m going crazy. I can’t stand it.”.

When it comes to the issue of “privileged vaccines”, Ke Wenzhe made a big fuss, saying that he wanted to use this live program to “intimidate the DPP”. He said that if the DPP continued to engage in this topic every day, because the DPP authorities’ accounts for vaccines were on the Taipei Municipal Government, “but I didn’t even see that the” general government “had accounts for several vaccines, and then I’ll make a statement.”. Asked why the DPP authorities’ account for vaccination is attached to the Taipei municipal government, Ke Wenzhe said that because vaccination requires hospitals, the Taipei Municipal Health Bureau administers all hospitals in Taipei.