Caught in live broadcast

A female netizen introduced her products in the studio. The next second, a group of plainclothes policemen walked into the camera and took her away.

The anchor’s career of this woman’s net star came to an abrupt end together with the live camera. Recently, the result of her sentence came out – she was sentenced to three years and four months in prison and fined 400000 yuan.

Other team members, including operators, assistants and field controllers, were sentenced to imprisonment ranging from two to three years and two months and fined 5000 to 50000 yuan.

Recently, netizens also picked out Lin Shengbin, who has quietly reorganized his family. He has been selling “beloved wife” affectionate designs on the Internet to get sympathy. The sales of each live broadcast are more than 5 million yuan.

She was sentenced to selling fake goods in the live broadcast room. Netizens applauded her. Lin Shengbin, who made money in the name of remembrance, was scolded miserably. The false and prosperous live broadcast market is full of chaos, which needs to be rectified.

The anchor involved in the case is a “head anchor”, who has accumulated millions of fans in just three years. According to statistics, the average number of viewers in her live studio is more than 200000, the average sales volume exceeds 7 figures, and the annual income of selling fake products exceeds 10 million.

The incident came from the report. In June 2020, Shanghai Hongkou police received a report that the “wanghong” anchor was selling counterfeit clothing of the enterprise brand in a live broadcast room of an e-commerce platform.

Two months later, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau Hongkou branch cracked Shanghai’s first case of selling counterfeit registered trademarks with the form of “net red anchor live broadcast with goods”, and captured more than 50 suspects, including Liao and other suspect who are carrying live goods, of which 41 have been approved by law.

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