Beijing parents frying pan! School District Housing: the ultimate move

The era of school district housing may be over. This weekend, the “most ruthless” school district housing policy in the history of Xicheng was implemented, and parents collapsed“ I’m afraid that the situation of “one room solves thousands of worries” will be completely changed.

Xicheng district

It’s the ultimate move of school district housing

Recently, Xicheng District of Beijing has made it clear that after July 31, 2020, families who buy houses will no longer be enrolled in the school districts, and they will all enroll in the school districts or adjacent school districts in the form of multiple schools.

Since July 2, many parents of children who have been promoted to small children in Xicheng, Beijing, have received a call for mediation. Especially for children to enter school, parents who bought the school district houses in Desheng, Yuetan and Financial Street District after July 31 last year. They log on to the official website of Xicheng District Education and examination center according to the requirements. When registering the intention school, they unexpectedly found that the “niuxiao” (high-quality primary school) that could have been entered was basically without a degree and only ordinary primary schools in other areas could be selected.

Some news said that, Desheng’s Yuxiang primary school, many of the four old rooms were adjusted, some to the area “western teachers attached to small” school; There are also transfers to Xinjiekou school district “Zhicheng primary school” and “the second experimental primary school yutaoyuan campus”; Others are transferred to “Leifeng primary school” and “Yaer Hutong primary school” in Shichahai school district.

Hongmiao primary school, Financial Street, has been transferred to Huajia primary school and experimental second xiaoshuihe school in this district

After 731, the housing estate is bigger, the housing or registered residence is 731, and it is necessary to go online to volunteer the report, which is limited to two days. The filling system shows that no matter which school district you buy, the school is only available in slag school. The two most balanced schools, Desheng and Yuetan, cannot be selected in this district, and are directly sent to the adjacent school districts.