Once opened a shop in Shanghai, even Samsung was cheated

Come out to mix, sooner or later to return!

Many people should still remember that Weiya, the first sister of live broadcast, apologized for selling Shanzhai not long ago.

At that time, the hanging ear fan she sold was the counterfeit co branded product of Chaozhou brand supreme.

Its authorized party was revealed to be a US Shanzhai company registered with many related names.

As it turns out, this is just the tip of the iceberg among the numerous mountain strongholds of supreme.

According to reports, there is also a person named supreme Italia, who almost “cheated” Samsung to release a joint name and even opened a store in Shanghai.

So can Shanzhai really do whatever they want? Obviously not!

At present, we don’t know what the American copycat company will do, but supreme Italia is going to fall.

According to the report, under supreme’s insistence on suing, the father and son of the founder of supreme Italia were both jailed and compensated nearly 70 million yuan.

The founder was sentenced to eight years in prison and nearly $70 million in compensation

A London Court recently convicted Michele di Pierro, founder of supreme Italia, and his son Marcello di Pierro of fraud. They will serve eight and three years in prison respectively, and pay a fine of 7.5 million pounds (66.98 million yuan) to supreme.

As Michele di Pierro and Marcello di Pierro did not attend the trial, the court has issued arrest warrants for them.

Supreme Italia is currently negotiating with VF group, the parent company of supreme, but this does not affect the court’s decision, the report said.

“The originator of chaopai”

The Chinese translation of supreme is “supreme”.

Founded in Manhattan, New York in 1994, it is famous for its “supreme” red box logo with white background.