Bite your pet! Harassing residents

Mr. Chen, who lives in Fenggui Jiuli, Greenland, No. 369, Lane 1518, Guangfulin Road, Songjiang District, reflects that dozens of raccoon dogs are swarming around and biting pets in the community. His family’s French fighting dog’s hind legs are torn open, and he comes forward to stop it, but he is also attacked. In less than a month, Mr. Chen has been in close combat with these raccoon dogs for six times.

Picture: raccoon dog swaggering in residential courtyard

Mr. Chen’s experience immediately aroused heated discussion among the owners: last year, someone was bitten, and this year, another pet was bitten. There are many old people and children in the community. Now it’s summer vacation again. How can we ensure the safety of everyone?

In recent years, the problems of “raccoon dog haunting” and “raccoon dog ferocious” are common. How to get along with animals? Xinmin Evening News reporter went to the scene to find out.

Dog and man tangled with pet injured

Songjiang District Greenland rose Jiuli community is located at the intersection of Guangfulin, Jiasong South Road, Songjiang New Town, opposite to Songjiang University City Station of light rail line 9. It covers an area of 186000 square meters, with 2573 households and nearly 9000 people. It is green and densely populated.

When he came to the scene, Mr. Chen identified two places attacked by raccoon dogs as busy places for people and cars in the community. Recalling the scene at that time, Mr. Chen still has a lingering fear: when he was walking the dog, a raccoon dog suddenly jumped out of the parking car and bit the back leg of the French doggy. Mr. Chen kicked the raccoon dog away, but it immediately jumped at people with agility and speed. Mr. Chen had to kick the raccoon dog away“ It was staring at me, biting and fighting for nearly ten minutes! A few meters away on the roadside, there are three raccoon dogs stop to wait and see. Fortunately, they didn’t come up together. ” With great effort, Mr. Chen retreated, but the dog’s hind legs were bitten by raccoon dogs. In the following month, Mr. Chen encountered raccoon dog many times while walking his dog. He tried his best to wave the leash in his hand to drive raccoon dog away.