More than 1,000 metal movable Chinese characters unearthed in South Korea, and the unearthed bronze bell is engraved with the Ming dynasty name

South Korea recently unearthed a batch of cultural relics near Tagu Park in downtown Seoul. Among them, there are more than 1,600 metal movable type of the early Joseon Dynasty, which has been more than 500 years ago, including more than 1,000 Chinese type metal type and more than 600 Korean type. In addition, various cultural relics such as bronze bells and firearms were found. The bronze bell was engraved with the words “Yiwei April Day in Jiajing Fourteenth Year”.

Metal type of Chinese characters unearthed in Korea

South Korean cultural relics unearthed scene
It is the first time that a variety of metal type was found in the same place at the same time in the early Joseon Dynasty. The unearthed metal type of the Joseon Dynasty era was named after the production time, including the production of Jiayin in 1434, Yihai in 1455, and Yiyou in 1465. The Korean metal movable type also includes the “Dongguk Zhengyun Notation” type used as a transition in the 15th century when the “Hunmin Jeongeum” was created, and more than 10 “continuous casting type” that combines both Korean and Chinese characters.

Bronze bell unearthed in South Korea
In addition, the unearthed firearms include 1 Shengzi blunderbuss and 7 small Shengzi blunderbuss with handles, which are about 50 to 60 cm in length. Among them, the production date of “Guwei” was about 1583, and the production of “Wanli Wuzi” was probably produced in 1588. The bronze bell is engraved with the words “Yiwei April Day in Jiajing Fourteenth Year”.