The American destroyer nestled in the harbor, and the British soldiers found the food unpalatable

The “Sea Breeze 2021” exercise participated by NATO navies has begun, but public information shows that the guided missile destroyer “Ross” sent by the United States is still nesting in Ukrainian ports, while British soldiers are sharing the monotonous diet provided by Ukraine on social media. It seems quite dissatisfied.

USS “Ross” guided-missile destroyer data map
According to a report by the Russian Satellite News Agency on the 30th, someone quoted from a professional website tracking ship dynamics, saying that the USS “Ross” guided missile destroyer that entered the Black Sea to participate in the “Sea Breeze 2021″ exercise may be marching towards Crimea. The US Navy refuted this rumor, claiming that the ship was still in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa.

The US Navy’s 6th Fleet posted on social media, “Although there have been various rumors not long ago, the USS Ross was still there 30 minutes ago, and it will also support the sea in Odessa, Ukraine in the foreseeable future. Breeze’ exercise.”

Earlier, the US Navy announced that the guided missile destroyer “Ross” entered the Black Sea and will participate in the “Sea Breeze 2021” multinational exercise.

In another report by the Russian Sputnik News Agency, British soldiers who came to Ukraine to participate in the exercise complained about the lack of food and beverages provided by the Uzbek side.

British soldiers posted photos of breakfast served by Uzbekistan
A British soldier showed photos of breakfast provided by Ukraine on social media: a small half plate of buckwheat, two or three slices of tomatoes, a few pieces of cucumber and a sausage, and a glass of red drink.

The British soldier wrote: “Welcome to’Sea Breeze’, this is a standard breakfast for NATO guests. We carefully selected the same drinks we had in the past three meals, followed by a little simple buckwheat rice and Sausage, with cucumber strips and two slices of tomatoes.”