The only question is whether web celebritys

Changes of ecological niche

In fact, the flow star, in the business model, is advanced, his advantage is that standardized molding can be quantified quickly.

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From the business point of view, Jay Chou’s cost, is very high, high in the cost of time.

When Jay Chou came out, of course, he made a lot of money, but when he took a break, the company waited for the next Jay Chou, it may be five years, ten years or more.This time cost opportunity cost waiting cost, the company’s perspective as a whole down, account may not be good.

The advantage of flow star is that standardized forming is fast and quantifiable.

First be a trainee, then participate in a talent show, then buy him 500 hot search, certainly fire.

Then the fans help to brush the data, you can start to receive advertising and play to make money.

Regardless of whether the work is good or not, and there is no creative gap, the return on investment is completely quantifiable and can be replicated in batches.

So even if the flow star is chased spray, but there are still companies to follow this road, because this is the most profitable route before, capital is not deceptive.

But the problem now is that with the shift in attention and the shift in platforms, web celebrity may be able to make more money than traffic stars.

Flow star, the early start, need to buy hot search data, there is a foundation to start harvesting, in fact, the path is a little long, there are risks, such as netizens do not pay how to do.

When the masses don’t pay the bill, it’s easy to come back.

As for the company, I don’t need to buy hot search data, I just need to top the new web celebrity emerging on the platform, and then start to directly operate the subsequent performance commercialization.

There is no need to search for the knife edge and lick the blood, or organize the rice circle to brush the data strongly. It can even run on a small scale on the single platform like Douyin station B, and the risk is more controllable.

The only question is whether web celebritys, once packaged, will be able to crack the key commercial battlefields of high-end endorsing and television.

Time for traffic stars may be running out.


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  • Many celebrities on the Internet will lose their original self after harvest

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