Sun Yining and Wang Sicong tore each other

Today, there are media reports that Sun Yining, an internet celebrity who was torn apart with Wang Sicong, was trademarked for counter-corrective quotations about Sun Yining after he got out of the circle.

Sun Yining and Wang Sicong tore each other
According to reports, “Cong Youbing” was applied for registration by a company in Wenling City, as well as a natural person, Ou Mou, etc. on June 16. Moreover, the chat records of Wang Sicong and Sun Yining involved such as “I fate, I don’t eat the sky.” “Thinking your liquid” and so on have been applied for trademark registration recently. As a result, Internet celebrity Sun Yining has completely out of the circle actually has one more achievement!


Prior to this, Sun Yining officially issued a statement to apologize and was also very popular. In the statement, Sun Yining responded to the black history circulating on the Internet, and explained and clarified this. This move was considered to be “signs of debut.” In addition, Sun Yining discovered that he had a close relationship with Yang Tianzhen, the boss of the brokerage company “One Heart Entertainment” the next day. As a result, Sun Yining’s speculation about his debut has increased.

At first, Sun Yining was just a small internet celebrity who was well-known on a small scale. However, after tearing up with Wang Sicong, Sun Yining finally “out of the circle”. After the chat history with Wang Sicong was exposed, the majority of netizens finally had a lot of “playing stalks”. Materials, such as “I fate, I don’t want to eat”, “Scallion pancakes”, “A night that misses you”, etc., add a lot of “fun” to the social platform.



It is precisely because of this that these key phrases have become “buzzwords” on the Internet. You must know that the “eyeball economy” is now being promoted. Who can attract attention, who can get more people’s attention, who can get traffic, and finally And then get cash from the flow, this is the magic weapon of the “eyeball economy model” tried and tested.

In addition, Sun Yining stopped speaking on social platforms after publishing a long apology, and seemed to be at ease as an anchor, but “the tree wants to be quiet but the wind keeps on”, some rumors about her still keep going, but Wang Sicong is in After the first day’s counterattack, it also seemed to have died down and stopped talking about Sun Yining. Many of the “Wang Sicong circle of friends” circulated in the past were eventually confirmed to be counterfeit.

However, merchants with pervasive and keen sense of smell are quite active in this incident. The registered trademark incident exposed this time proves once again that in this era of “eyeball economy”, in the era of “traffic is king”, no matter who, no matter who, What event, what content, may eventually become a profit-seeking pedal for businesses!