Since childhood, he has been a “fanner”!

It’s been three months since Chengyang gave birth to triplets prematurely

The “brother company” triplets born in Chengyang District People’s Hospital have been three months old (this newspaper reported on March 27). The three brothers lived up to the expectations. Under the careful care of their mother, Ms. Cheng and their family, they chased from the “little little bit” of more than three kilograms to become “fat boys” all the way. Among them, Erbao weighed three times heavier than when he was born, and beat his “big brother” to win the top spot. It is said that the brothers worked together to break the gold, this kind of bridge has evolved in Ms. Cheng’s house, “the brothers worked together to drink up a can of milk powder in one day.” Although the arrival of the three brothers made Ms. Cheng and her husband feel the unprecedented pressure in life, as long as the Sambo grows up stubbornly and does not bow to fate, the couple will feel sincerely: It is great to have you.

Since childhood, he has been a "fanner"!
Passed many levels in exchange for a small reunion

In March this year, two pairs of triplets were born. Interestingly, the first pair of triplets were born in Chengyang District People’s Hospital; the first pair of triplets was born in a municipal hospital. More coincidentally, the birth dates of “Brothers” and “Sister Hua” are only four days apart, and they both live in Chengyang District. The reporter learned from the Chengyang District People’s Hospital and the Municipal Hospital that from the follow-up, the vital signs of the two pairs of triplets were stable and well-developed after they were discharged from the hospital.

Grandma embraced the triplets.
Recently, the reporter went to the home of the “Brothers Company” to explore the growth story of the triplets. “On the eighth day after I was discharged from the hospital, Er Bao went home, and soon Da Bao was discharged from the hospital. San Bao, who weighed only three kilograms at birth, had the longest hospital stay. He was the last to return to the team.” Recalling the period when “Brother Company” was born. It’s not easy for Ms. Cheng to speak frankly during the busy days. Ms. Cheng, who was 34 weeks pregnant at the time, found the chief physician Fang Jianhong, director of the obstetrics department of Chengyang District People’s Hospital, and was diagnosed with intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy, preeclampsia, triple pregnancy (double cashmere three sheep), hypoproteinemia , Moderate anemia, scarred uterus, entangled umbilical cord. Due to the sudden turn of the disease, in the early morning of March 23, Chengyang District People’s Hospital organized a multidisciplinary consultation to carry out a cesarean section for Ms. Cheng. After the triplets were born successfully, they were transferred to the neonatal care unit for further treatment. “My eldest daughter was also born in Chengyang District People’s Hospital. She was discharged with me and gave birth to these three young children. When I went home, they were still in the hospital. The youngest was intubated and used a ventilator. We waited. Hopefully, many of them have finally returned home.” Ms. Cheng’s family took a special care of this hard-won reunion. They also have an elder son and a fifth-grade daughter. The daughter has to kiss her every day when she goes home. Kissing his three younger brothers, the first thing the husband goes home every day is to hug the three babies.

Obstetrics expert Fang Jianhong (second from right) came to the mother’s home for follow-up.
“One drag three” to bring a baby is really not easy

Taking care of three babies at once is no small challenge for Ms. Cheng’s family. “At two o’clock in the morning, the boss wants to have milk, and finally fell asleep after taking the milk and hiccups. The second child woke up again, and the third child woke up again…With the three of them, I I haven’t slept for a full sleep.” Ms. Cheng, who was originally able to do things quickly, was the most maddening thing about the “brothers” crying at the same time. Now that the husband is alone in making money to support the family, she is really too busy at night, so Ms. Cheng will wake her husband to help. During the busiest time of the day, she held one in her arms, put the other two on the stroller, hooked her feet on the armrests, and pushed the car back and forth in exchange for a moment of peace.

Regardless of the fact that the “Brothers Company” is only three months old, the very different personalities have been revealed. The eldest brother is the best-behaved, eats and drinks enough to coax him to sleep; the second child can eat the best, and the milk is the most powerful; the third child has the most personality, and if he feels uncomfortable, he must cry out. “We are very casual. Their nicknames are Dabao, Erbao, and Sanbao. They are tired in their usual life. Just call Shunzui.” Ms. Cheng told reporters that she weighed nearly 160 kilograms when she was pregnant, and she has had her weight since taking care of three babies. Huhu fell down, and breakfast was often delayed from morning until noon before eating. Now he weighs less than 120 kilograms, which is even thinner than before pregnancy. As long as she is free, Ms. Cheng’s mother, younger sister and mother-in-law come to help with the children. Feeding the triplets, hiccups, changing diapers, and coaxing sleep, a few adults are busy in the house.

A can of milk powder can be consumed in a day

For parents of premature babies, physical exhaustion is actually not a big deal. Heart exhaustion is the key. Compared with full-term babies, the “early angels” are at the starting line, so the parents’ hearts are always hanging and they are under tremendous pressure. Every childcare check is more like an exam for premature babies: everyone is happy when they pass the test, and worried when they fail. “Now the boss is 11 catties, the second is 12 catties, and the third is more than 10 catties. The three-month physical examination doctor said we were all sent up. The weight, head circumference, and height are all good, and the indicators are equivalent to one and a half months of full-term birth. The child, the eldest and the second are still a bit overweight.” Ms. Cheng talked about the “brothers”, the fatigue in her eyes was wiped out, and the doctor’s diagnosis was the greatest affirmation of her.

In the living room of Ms. Cheng’s house, the 50 cans of milk powder that the “brother company” drunk piled into a “wall”. “I wanted to breastfeed because when I gave birth to my daughter, there was plenty of milk. I didn’t expect the three boys to be able to breastfeed. Maybe because taking care of them was too tired, only the boss drank some breast milk, but the second and third did not drink it. Now they are all milk-fed.” As the months grow older, the appetites of the three brothers are also open. Ms. Cheng said that a 400g can of milk powder can be consumed by the three brothers in a day. The expenditure on milk powder in one month is more than 5,000 yuan, not counting the cost of diapers. The husband’s small business has become the only source of income for the family. One month’s income barely supports the expenses of a family of seven. “I am involved in the energy by my children, and I can’t help my husband share it. I can only take care of the children with all my strength.” Ms. Cheng said with a smile.

“Brothers” debut is the focus

You can buy three strollers of the same style with one purchase, and three strollers of the same color at one go. The uniform outfits make the “Brother Company” the focal point wherever they go. “For the vaccination checkup, the three of us are holding three babies and taking a taxi is not enough, because there is no way to take the co-pilot with the baby.” Ms. Cheng said that there will be enthusiastic people waiting in line in the hospital. Asked before, “As long as I say it’s a triplet boy, many people will be surprised first, and then give me a thumbs up.” Ms. Cheng said with a smile, now that it’s been a long time, I understand the tempers of the three brothers better. It’s also much easier to get up, I just hope that they will grow up healthily.