These impact is not flow of stars living soil

  1. Changes in platform

But it is clearly not just traffic stars that are ready for change.

New media, network talent, traffic star

At this party in B station, every network platform realizes a simple problem.

He B station own platform net celebrity gathers together, match professional stage team, can hammer explode the program that your satellite TV asks a bunch of star.

Does this mean That I can put together my own platform celebrities, and then play with a stage crew?

You know, every platform to buy name, buy product placement to buy various satellite TV program advertising, is to spend tens of millions or even more than 100 million advertising costs.

Spend that money on your own web celebrity platform, and then spend it on your own stage crew, that’s a lot less.

Besides, When I buy your AD space, you help me yell that people think the product placement will be repulsive.

But I’m having my own party, so you don’t have to talk so much.

Be equal to to say, each platform discovers, I can cast off satellite TV and flow star these two flow middlemen, begin directly from the source.

Need not see your what hot search super words please flow star, my own backstage big data pull, who fire who on, who thumb up rate high who on.

The opening song of The Arabian Nights is “Special Love to Special You”

A lot of people don’t understand why they are on this old song

The answer is that, according to the platform data, this song is a favorite of brother people, “very fast hands brother”.

In fact, this song came out and received a lot of praise.

This is the past and the traditional SATELLITE TV cooperation, please a bunch of traffic stars simply can not play out the effect.

I am almost sure that next, B station, Douyin, Kuaishou, Aiuteng and Watermelons, these major content platforms, will pull their own platform celebrities out to hold their own platform party with strong atmosphere, and even start to do their own platform variety show.

This year’s New Year’s Eve, these players are likely to be new contestants.

In addition, taobao Tmall poundduo, these e-commerce companies, it seems that they are not content platforms, but they have the traffic and web celebrity. It is not difficult to pull out the live broadcast web celebrity of their platform and assemble a program.

In fact, Taobao has been doing, directly let a sister On Wei ya.

These impact is not only the flow of stars living soil, but also will greatly impact the current pattern of satellite TV.


  • Many broadcasting platforms have even started to make their own platform variety shows in order to increase the number of users.

  • It’s not difficult to pull out live web celebrities on their platform and assemble programs

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