Go to the U.S. after the State Council intervenes

The US “Wall Street Journal” published an article on June 20, interviewing three of them to expose their escape. It also revealed that the Taiwan authorities refused to stay in Taiwan for fear of the mainland’s “invasion of Dongsha.” Eventually, with the intervention of the US State Department, they arrived in New York via Zurich.

Go to the U.S. after the State Council intervenes
The Wall Street Journal: How five Hong Kong “protesters” escaped by speedboat and “freedom” in the United States
“We were terribly scared”

The three people interviewed have the pseudonyms Ray (25), Tommy (22) and Kenny (26). Among them, Ray is a warehouse clerk. In November 2019, he participated in the riots at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Polytechnic University. During the police siege of PolyU, He fled along the railroad tracks during the night, and has been hiding in Tibet since then. The police have searched his parents’ residence many times.

Tommy, 22, is a student who was detained for three days for illegal assembly. After being released on bail, his passport was confiscated and facing riot charges. Kenny, a 26-year-old civil engineer, was arrested in October 2019 and charged with multiple crimes including assault on the police.

According to reports, Tommy and Kenny had paid tens of thousands of Hong Kong dollars to try to smuggle out of Hong Kong, but they were unable to make the trip due to a scam. In the end, the three people paid 1,300 US dollars (about 10,000 Hong Kong dollars) to buy a twin-engine inflatable speedboat to escape. They refused to disclose the person who arranged the escape route, claiming that they were worried that they would be “retaliated” by the SAR government.

One early morning in mid-July 2019, five thugs dressed in inconspicuous clothes gathered at a remote pier in Hong Kong, one with a fishing rod and the other with “life savings”. Because they didn’t know each other and worried about “spy” getting involved, they rarely communicated.

Five people took turns at the helm, navigating with their iPhones and compasses, while others looked around. Some of them learned how to navigate boats at sea through the video site Youtube.

After the speedboat traveled for about 5 hours, they found that they were still in the continental waters. During the period, he also encountered an unrecognizable ship. Ray described his mood at the time: “We were so scared that we didn’t know what they were going to do.”

In August 2020, Taiwan media exposed the escape route of 5 thugs who chased Hong Kong. Source: China Times
People familiar with the matter: The Taiwan authorities are worried that the mainland will “invade Dongsha” and refuse to stay in Taiwan.

After confirming that they had entered the international waters, the five people slowed down the throttle and began to eat potato chips, candies and canned corn to fill their hunger. After more than 10 hours of sailing at sea, they shut down the engine and deliberately wrapped a rope around an engine to overheat it. They believe that when there is only one engine that can run and the fuel is insufficient, once someone finds them they will take it ashore.

Subsequently, these people sent out distress signals with flashlights in the dark, and were discovered by the Taiwanese authorities “Marine Patrol Department” one hour later.

At first, the five people were taken by the Taiwan authorities to the Dongsha Islands (actually under the jurisdiction of the Qijin District of Kaohsiung City), and then transferred to a secret government facility in Kaohsiung for resettlement. Some people wanted to stay in Taiwan, but they were told that they had to leave all. The Wall Street Journal quoted a person familiar with the matter as saying that officials from the security department of the Taiwan authorities are worried that the mainland may “invade Dongsha” on the grounds of “actively assisting Hong Kong fugitives.”

According to a report by Taiwan’s “China Times” in August 2020, the DPP authorities felt very difficult for these five people to smuggle to Taiwan. If they were taken in, it would be like “political asylum”, which could also involve Hong Kong’s national security law and “collusion with foreign or foreign forces”. Crimes against the country”. However, if they are sent back to Hong Kong, these people are expected to be arrested immediately, violating the so-called “commitment” of the DPP authorities, so they have been “blocked” and demanded to prohibit the outflow of news.

The Wall Street Journal stated on June 20 that when asked about the matter, a spokesperson for Tsai Ing-wen’s office declined to comment on the grounds of safety and privacy, saying only that he would continue to “provide humanitarian assistance to Hong Kong people in accordance with the law”.

According to the report, Samuel Chu, the son of Zhu Yaoming, one of the “Three Ugly Occupy Central” and in Washington, said that the US State Department contacted him after learning of the incident and asked him to pass a “humanitarian parole”. “The program helped 5 people “overcome the difficulties.”

The US State Department declined to comment.

When Zhu Herder started his work in the United States, the US staff in Taiwan were not idle either. They went to Kaohsiung to visit five people and promised them. According to a person familiar with the matter, the US and Taiwan authorities spent six months on research and finally arranged for five people to take a commercial flight to Zurich, Switzerland on January 13 this year, and then transfer to New York.

Currently, Kenny is in Washington, living with a group of so-called “Hong Kong refugees”; Ray and Tommy share a basement in New York. Both claim to want to go to university and then join the U.S. military.

Before and after the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, a group of gangsters tried to flee Hong Kong. Smuggling to Taiwan at sea was one of the methods they used. Earlier, Hong Kong media disclosed that many shipowners received phone calls to inquire about smuggling. However, under the airtight defense of the SAR water police, failures are common. There have been three attempts by Hong Kong rioters to smuggle by water without success.

On August 23 last year, the Guangdong Maritime Police Bureau seized a speedboat suspected of illegally crossing the border in the waters under its jurisdiction and arrested 12 Hong Kong rioters, including Li Yuxuan, who was arrested on the same day as Li Zhiying.

“The Wall Street Journal” stated that the five people in the report are the only people who have been confirmed to have absconded by boat and “freed”.

Right now, the Hong Kong police have issued arrest warrants for many Hong Kong rioters who abandoned their bail and fled overseas. Hong Kong’s Secretary for Security Li Jiachao shouted to these people last month, “International relations are ever-changing. When you have political value, (foreign countries) may take care of you, but when international relations change to the point that you have no use value, you may just use it up. Abandoned. But what is certain is that we will hold them criminally responsible for life.”