Xiang Zuoang criticized Tsai Ing-wen

[Global Network Reporter Hou Jiaxin] “What does the death of a dog have to do with you…Please pay attention to the image of our Chinese people” Hong Kong actor Xiang Zuo posted on Weibo on the evening of the 20th, calling for names Tsai Ing-wen, the leader of the DPP authorities, criticized Tsai Ing-wen’s mourning for Biden’s dead dog.

“Tai Ing-wen, the so-called governor of Taiwan Province of China! It’s fine for you to make mistakes and embarrass our family. As a leader, don’t you feel sad that your own people die every day in the disaster? Where is the mourning ceremony? ) What does the death of a dog have to do with you, and do you think people care about it? Do you have to take care of you? This is no formal licking of the dog!!! Please pay attention to the image of our Chinese people…Thank you.” Xiang Zuo wrote on Weibo.

Before posting this Weibo to Zuo, Tsai Ing-wen’s condolences to Biden’s dog had already aroused the anger of many Internet users on the island.

US President Biden and the First Lady announced on the 19th local time that their “beloved” German Shepherd “Champion” had passed away. This “obituary” quickly attracted the attention of many netizens. It is worth noting that Tsai Ing-wen also appeared among the mourners. She wrote, “(from) an animal lover (news) to another animal lover, and I regret that you have lost (it)”. Tsai Ing-wen’s message quickly attracted a lot of scolding. Someone criticized, “So many people die in Taiwan every day because of the epidemic, why don’t you express your regrets?”


Xiang Zuo’s criticism of Tsai Ing-wen was supported by many netizens. Many netizens called “too much relief”, “satisfactory position” and “satisfied right”.

Xiang Zuoang criticized Tsai Ing-wen


As for Xiang Zuoguchi’s “playing around and embarrassing our family”, it may refer to the following incident.

In December last year, Xiang Zuo and his father Xiang Hua Qiang applied to Taiwan’s “Immigration Department” for “Residence by Relatives”, but he did not obtain permission for a long time. According to Taiwan’s United News Network, the “Immigration Department” issued a press release at the end of February this year, stating that after consultation with relevant units, it was found that the case was not subject to the provisions of Article 22 of the “Measures for Hong Kong and Macao Residents to Enter the Taiwan Area and Residence Permits”. Where permission is granted, residence is not permitted in accordance with regulations.

On the 14th of this month, Xiang Zuo’s mother Chen Lan also tweeted, “Congratulations to everyone on the Dragon Boat Festival for a safe, healthy and happy Dragon Boat Festival! Unfortunately, Taiwan Province, where I was born, is now being ridiculed by the world! I dare not sneak a vaccine in Taipei (with privilege I dare not), I can only escape quickly and take a group of friends on my new plane to a place where the vaccine can be vaccinated! It may be the most tolerant mainland of the motherland!”

Later, Chen Lan’s Weibo was also forwarded by Xiang Zuo, his son who works in the mainland. The “privileged vaccine” mentioned by Chen Lan refers to the “privileged vaccine list” that began to circulate in the media circles on the island of Taiwan on June 10. Some of the named persons have admitted to secretly administering the vaccine.