The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminds Chinese citizens

U.S. forces leave Afghanistan

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminds Chinese citizens

All Chinese citizens, quickly leave this neighboring country!

I believe many friends have already seen this latest reminder from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The reminder is only one paragraph:

Since the beginning of this year, the internal conflicts in Afghanistan have continued, terrorist attacks have continued, and the security situation has become more severe and complex. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan remind Chinese citizens and institutions in Afghanistan to further strengthen prevention and emergency preparedness, and use international commercial flights to leave the country as soon as possible. In case of emergency, please report to the police and contact the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan.

Below, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also lists the police telephone numbers in Afghanistan, as well as the help telephone numbers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our Afghan Embassy.

There is also the time limit at the top: This reminder is valid until December 31, 2021.

This is not a reminder of the day, it has been reminded until the end of the year.

In fact, on May 27, the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan has issued a similar warning, stressing that Chinese citizens and institutions in Afghanistan should “leave Afghanistan as soon as possible if not necessary.” In addition, there was an additional sentence:

In view of the fact that the current situation is likely to bring huge security risks to the parties and will seriously affect the effectiveness of their assistance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan remind Chinese citizens not to go to Afghanistan for the time being. If the party insists on going there, the related security risks and expenses incurred due to assistance shall be borne by the individual.

A few days later, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminded him that “if not necessary” was deleted, and instead “departure as soon as possible” was requested.

Withdraw, withdraw quickly.

Could not help but take a breath.

1. Such a reminder, especially to remind Chinese citizens and institutions, to “evacuate as soon as possible” if there is no difference. Such wording is very, very rare.

2. It can be seen that the current situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated. For the Chinese, it is already very unwise to stay in Afghanistan.

3. Of course, considering the particularity, it is estimated that some diplomats will still remain behind, but if the situation deteriorates rapidly, the possibility of all evacuation will not be ruled out.

The root cause of the overall deterioration of the situation in Afghanistan is the total withdrawal of US troops.

The world’s only superpower has fought for 20 years, paid more than 2,000 lives, and spent more than 2 trillion U.S. dollars. In the end, it failed to defeat the Taliban. The United States did not want to fight again. Starting from May 1 this year, the wind is tight and screaming.

The inspired Taliban immediately launched a fierce offensive throughout the territory.

According to foreign media reports, since May 1 alone, the Taliban have seized more than 40 areas. The morale of the government troops has been low, and a large number of soldiers have been killed or surrendered to the Taliban. There are many heavy weapons such as artillery. , Have also fallen into the hands of the Taliban.



The American patted his butt and left. Afghanistan, on the eve of another great war.

Everything seems to be back 28 years ago.

At that time, the Soviet Union suddenly withdrew its troops, and Afghanistan fell into a civil war. The civil war intensified. In 1993, due to the extremely bad security situation, all the personnel of the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan were evacuated.

After that, there was no Chinese in Afghanistan for a time.

I remember that on December 20, 2001, when my colleague and I arrived at the embassy in Afghanistan with the Chinese working group, we also sent this short message at the embassy:

XX News Agency, Kabul: A working group from China to Afghanistan led by Zhang Min, a representative of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, entered the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan on the morning of the 20th and began to inspect the facilities of the embassy. This is the first time that a working group from China has arrived at the embassy since China evacuated all embassy personnel for security reasons in 1993.

You don’t know the brutality of the civil war in Afghanistan if you go to the scene.

In my diary at the time, I wrote: I have never seen such a dilapidated embassy.

Because in the Afghan civil war that year, our embassy in Afghanistan, located in the city center, was often affected by fierce conflicts. Each of the three main buildings of the embassy is scarred, and marks from bullets can be seen everywhere on the walls of the building.

Outside the doors and windows of the office building, there are sandbags piled up to the height of one person. No way, without these sandbags, the stray bullets could directly hit the people inside.


I remember that when we visited the dilapidated embassy with Zhang Min, we were quite frightened.

Because we suddenly discovered that in the corridor of the embassy that we passed just now, there was actually a landmine (some people said it was a grenade)!

You know, just above the mine, there is a blackboard with a record of the specific arrangements of the diplomats when they retreated: when to gather, when to board, when to arrive in Islamabad, who is responsible for each step…

At that time, I was still very interested. I stood here for a long time, copying the specific steps and arrangements for use in the article. At that time, I thought: The Chinese diplomats were in an orderly manner when they withdrew. This detail is indeed worth mentioning!

There are many footprints next to the mine. The nearest one is only a few centimeters away from the mine. It seems to be mine. Too hanging…