Why should China build its own space station?

        According to information released by the China Manned Space Engineering Office, the core module of my country’s space station “Tianhe” and the Long March 5B Yao-2 launch vehicle combination has been transferred to the launch area, and pre-launch preparations are in progress. Looking back at the history of human astronautics, when sending humans into space was still in the concept and imagination, pioneers in the aerospace industry such as Tsiolkovsky and von Braun have already proposed the idea of ​​a space station. From the perspective of the development process of manned space technology abroad, launching and operating large space stations, allowing astronauts to shuttle between space and the ground has become a daily routine, which is a sign of the maturity of manned space technology.

Since the first launch of Chinese astronauts into space by Shenzhou V in 2003, in the past 18 years, China’s manned space project has successfully carried out the launch and operation of manned spacecraft and short-term space laboratory, which was completed in 1992. The first two steps of the “three-step” plan proposed when the central government approved the project are about to move toward its own “mature ceremony”-building a large space station where people will stay for a long time.

Why do countries have to build space stations? Don’t worry, you will know after reading this article.

Military space station

When the United States and the Soviet Union had just mastered manned space technology in the early 1960s, they proposed their own space station plans. In addition to taking the lead in propaganda and demonstrating the strength of the country’s technological strength, the space stations designed by the two countries at that time also had a strong military color. The early Soviet military space station used the name “Salute”, and even installed a machine gun on the Salute 3 space station. When there were no astronauts stationed, the “Salute” was really sounded in space. A live-fire test.

The United States has also proposed the MOL project to monitor Soviet military dynamics through the on-orbit operations of astronauts. Since the United States had not yet mastered the rendezvous and docking technology at the time, MOL envisaged improving the Gemini spacecraft, launching the astronauts directly into the space station into space, and returning after completing a one-month reconnaissance mission.

The same type of cannon for the Salute 3 (Source: russianspaceweb.com)

However, the development of unmanned reconnaissance satellites made the military function of the space station increasingly unnecessary.

At the same time as the development of space station engineering technology, the purpose of the space station’s existence and the main tasks it performed have gradually returned to the “initial aspirations” of space pioneers: the outpost for humans flying to deep space, the large-scale scientific experiment platform for humans in space.

A space station with multiple jobs

If an astronaut wants to take a spacecraft to Mars, he will spend many years in space. During the flight, the astronauts will be in a state of weightlessness for a long time, and their physiology and psychology will be affected by various unfavorable factors. All lifestyles that are accustomed to the earth must change, even going to the toilet in the American drama “The Big Bang Theory”, engineer Howard did a less successful job for this. When Howard really entered space, all kinds of stress and anxiety made him almost collapse Spark Global Limited.