This widely acclaimed digital treasure and detective

In fact, this is not the first time for platform Internet celebrities to appear at the New Year’s Eve party of B station in early 2020.

Take a closer look at the lineup of guests at the New Year’s Eve party at Station B.

For comparison, I put on a guest lineup for the New Year’s Eve concert on Hunan TV.

New media, network talent, traffic star

Compared with hunan satellite TV’s powerful front and flow star combination, the party at B station is characterized by the appearance of many new faces — web celebrity on its own platform.

Ps: power and flow star classification is only roughly divided, such as I am not very good judgment Guo Fucheng how to define, such as Zhou Shen such a calculation of power or flow, here just according to my personal sense roughly divided.

And this evening, it was a great success.

He let everyone realize one thing for the first time, it turned out that the platform network celebrities carry the beam out of the program, is not bad.

Even hard steel pros are not out of the question if they can get their repertoire.

For example, this widely acclaimed digital treasure and detective Conan crossovers, his violin, electric guitar and saxophone players, are all users in the station, and the music area UP.

These three brothers, on the stage performance, not bad at all.

And more importantly, the New Year’s Eve party at Station B has gained a good reputation among all TV stations.

What does that mean?

Opposite a flock of appearance fee 10 million flow star, by here a group of ordinary people web celebrity dozen burst

So excuse me, what is the meaning of please flow star?What is the meaning of each platform to engage in arms race stack flow star?

After The New Year’s Eve of B station, in various programs, you will find that the participation rate of platform network celebrities has greatly increased, and the 1000 nights of Kuaichang is even close to one to one, platform network celebrities began to perform on the stage, squeezing the position of flow stars.

What about listening to music, other than on stage?Take a look at a table, QQ music statistics.

With the exception of jay Chou, jj Lin, ease of use, deng zi, and zhang shao, the new faces you only have to look at the name style to feel that a large number of web celebrity singers are beginning to dominate the list.

The picture

This trend, I call it, is the onslaught of the new people.

To sum up

At the level of official public opinion, professional hosts represented by Wang Bingbing Sa Beining are sought after by the public, and grassroots ordinary people like Ding Zhen also begin to be quickly incorporated by local media.Their combination matrix, will undertake the future serious mainstream news and local people’s livelihood poverty alleviation cultural brigade news propaganda task.

In terms of mass entertainment, network celebrities on various platforms rely on their real strength to beat traffic stars with their professionalism, no matter in performance or singing. The point is that they also bring their own fan flow. They may take the place of traffic stars in evening performances and other occasions.

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  • It’s easy for the Internet to make people popular

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