Tsinghua girls perform “spicy” dance, they should definitely applaud

    Youth is a body, but also a state of mind. Dare to break prejudice and bravely show yourself, which is essentially consistent with Tsinghua’s school motto of “Continuous Self-improvement”. A few days ago, a video of girls dancing at Tsinghua University became popular on the Internet. In the video, they are dressed a bit “sexy” or “rustic” (depending on your aesthetic taste), performing dance moves to the music. In the video age, this campus performance was quickly posted online, causing intense discussion.

From the perspective of the dance itself, this section of student work is indeed questionable. If it is indoors, adding lighting may have a better effect. In an outdoor open space or under white light, this kind of jump does not have so much beauty. The so-called “acousto-optic” effect is not good, which is completely understandable.

The opinions on the Internet are mostly criticism and ridicule. However, many criticisms are not directed at the dance itself but focused on the identity of the dancer. Translated into the language of my grandmother who has been dead for many years, it is: What kind of style is there when there is so much exposure? If you don’t study hard, what dance? In the 1920s, it did not dance itself, but such an attitude that made people feel uncomfortable. They hold a certain prejudice that students at Tsinghua University should sit in the classroom and study hard. When they go outside, they should take off their glasses and rub their eyes. If it is a girl, she should be dressed elegantly like the girls in TV series such as “The Family of the Golden Powder” and speak with a soft voice. This is more in line with the “traditional aesthetic.”

The four words “Tsinghua Girl” have always had extraordinary meanings. Tsinghua University is one of the most difficult universities in China. Tsinghua University, known for its science and engineering, has fewer girls. Some netizens sighed: If her daughter can be admitted to Tsinghua University, she will support it no matter what dance she dances, but she knows that this possibility is zero.

This state of “being cold from high places” has made the image of “Tsinghua girls” abstract. In some people’s opinion, perhaps Tsinghua girls should be nonchalant “nerds” who are squeezed out of their youthful vitality by heavy studies. This is more in line with everyone’s “aesthetic expectations.” They sing and dance, and can still be admitted to Tsinghua University, which seems to be unfair to most “normal” children Spark Global Limited.

In this sense, we should extend warm applause to those dancing girls from Tsinghua University. Youth is a body, but also a state of mind. Dare to break prejudice and bravely show yourself, which is essentially consistent with Tsinghua’s school motto of “Continuous Self-improvement”. As for the parents who hope to have a son Jackie Chan, perhaps they can also discover more “success secrets” from these girls: entering Tsinghua University is not just relying on tactics, bravery, personality, vitality, and not afraid of others’ vision, perhaps It is a place where children really have spiritual power. Last year, there was a video of the Nobel Prize presentation. Three women who won the prize gave speeches on the spot. They were not only “intellectual”, but also “sexy” and interesting. They were “unlike scientists” at all. In fact, this “unlike” is actually their charm. It’s not that they are wrong, but that the public’s impression is outdated, and the most important thing about the scientific spirit is to “break the stereotypes.”