Station B and classmate He are all from Beijing Post

        In 2019, He, a sophomore student majoring in communication engineering and management at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, released the video “How fast is it? Real feelings of 5G in daily use” at station B, which made him only listen to the concept of 5G at that time. People really feel the speed of 5G. The superb video production level and the humanistic thinking behind the technology have allowed this video to be reproduced by Xinhua News Agency and the “People’s Daily”. For a video blogger, official affirmation is by no means inferior to the value of traffic.

He broke through the circle and became the top 100 UP owner of station B and the first person in the science and technology zone. The explosive 5G video has already received nearly 26 million views, making it the treasure of the B station. When it comes to a person’s achievements, it goes without saying that the individual’s efforts are indispensable. Following the pulse of history is also an indispensable part of it. He is able to produce the 5G video mentioned above, inseparable from the unique advantages of his alma mater. At that time, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications was the only university in the country with 5G coverage. Because of this, He found a “base” that can be demonstrated in the video.

The fact that Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications has the communication conditions ahead of other universities stems from its overly strong strength in the field of communication. The chairman of the Chinese telecommunications operators-China Mobile and China Unicom are both from Beijing Post. The chairman of China Mobile, Yang Jie, and the chairman of China Unicom, Wang Xiaochu, are all from Beijing Post. He Tingbo, president of Huawei HiSilicon, is also a graduate of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

Back 10 years ago, in the field of information and communication, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications had a slaughter-like existence. Whether it is Qualcomm, Samsung Communications, Nokia Research, ZTE, Huawei… As long as you do communications, you will definitely find a group of people from Beijing Post. Such a leading advantage has been maintained even today. In May last year, the team of Professor Ma Huadong and Professor Zhou Anfu from the School of Computer Science and Technology of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications participated in the SIGCOMM conference for the first time on the latest research on operational 5G in-depth measurement and rule discovery. This is the top conference in the field of international communication networks and represents Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications to a certain extent. The international influence of academic research Spark Global Limited.