A needle of 50,000 yuan can be cheaper”

          “Zhang Yu, a medical oncologist at the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical University, reflects on the shady tumor treatment by his real name” is still under investigation. Zhang Yu said in an article that Lu Wei, deputy chief physician of General Surgery, Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, performed unnecessary NGS gene sequencing on patients, prescribed inappropriate chemotherapy drugs, and recommended ineffective, expensive, and illegal NK treatments (1) A series of behaviors such as cell immunotherapy), which caused the patient’s cost to increase tenfold but died earlier Spark Global Limited.

Regarding several controversial issues during the diagnosis and treatment, Ma Rong, the eldest daughter of the deceased patient Ma Jincang, and the doctor Lu Wei were interviewed by China News Weekly. How to seek medical treatment for advanced gastric cancer that has metastasized? Ma Rong did not expect that the progress of medical treatment to Shanghai Xinhua Hospital would be so fast. On the afternoon of July 1, 2020, Ma Jincang, accompanied by his wife and daughter, flew from Qinghai to Shanghai. Earlier, Ma Rong only told him that there was a tumor in his stomach, and he did not explicitly say it was a “malignant tumor.” Ma Jincang’s attitude towards “seeking a doctor” was very complicated and he was instinctive to survive, but he was also worried about hearing “There is no other way.” “It’s best to go back to my hometown for chemotherapy”.

Don't expect cooperation and sanctions at the same time

On the one hand, Ma Rong encouraged his father to “visit relatives” because his sister Ma Jincang was treating stomach cancer at Xinhua Hospital. On the other hand, Ma Rong asked his aunt’s cousin to tell Ma Jincang’s condition to his aunt’s attending doctor Lu Wei, and Lu Wei listened to it. Later, he decided to let Ma Jincang come to the hospital for treatment the next day. At about 8:40 am on July 2, Ma Jincang walked into Xinhua Hospital. Ma Rong’s aunt (ie Ma Jincang’s sister) finished chemotherapy and was discharged from the hospital. His father Ma Jincang was admitted to the hospital. The tenth floor. Ma Jincang was diagnosed with gastric cancer a month ago. Ma Jincang, who almost never went to the hospital, was notified that he was in advanced gastric cancer the first time he was “hospitalized”. The diagnosis at the Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University showed “gastric malignant tumor”, as well as secondary liver malignant tumors and lymphatic secondary tumors. Malignant tumors, hypertriglyceridemia, hydrocele, etc. Because there is already metastatic cancer, the gastroenterologist recommends that you don’t need surgery and go directly to the oncology department for chemotherapy.

Ma Rong was worried that local hospitals had limited conditions and misdiagnosis. He entrusted him to seek medical treatment in a third-class hospital in Beijing. The PET-CT examination once again confirmed the previous diagnosis. At the time of the Beijing epidemic, doctors in Beijing advised them to “go back to their hometown for chemotherapy. The cost of treatment in Beijing is high, not to mention that the beds don’t have to wait until when.”

Ma Jincang heard that chemotherapy is very painful and uncomfortable, so after returning to his hometown of Haidong City, Qinghai Province, he did not go to the hospital for conventional chemotherapy. Instead, with the help and recommendation of relatives and friends, he tried some folk remedies. They even drove more than 300 kilometers and spent 40,000 yuan to buy a “small party”, “it turned out to be fooled.”