Russia announces its withdrawal from the Russian-Ukrainian border

       Based on reports from multiple foreign media, Russia stated that it will withdraw a large number of troops from Crimea and the border areas between Russia and Ukraine. Russian Defense Minister Shoigu ordered on the 22nd that these troops will return to their permanent bases on the 23rd and have completed the battle preparation test. The British “Guardian” pointed out that before Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced the decision, last month videos on social media and satellite images showed that Russia had assembled tanks and tanks about 241 kilometers away from Ukraine. Artillery, fighter jets, and even short-range ballistic missiles. U.S. officials said that this is the largest build-up of Russian military forces in the border area since the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

This Thursday, after a few days of exercises, the Russian military command announced that the Russian army and airborne troops will return to the base, but some heavy artillery, including powerful rocket launchers and other missiles, will remain in the border area. Shoigu issued a statement after supervising the exercise saying that he believes that “the purpose of the surprise inspection has been fully achieved”, adding that the troops of the Russian Southern and Western Command have proven their ability to ensure the country’s reliable defense. Shoigu said that the troops should return to the base before May 1, but he said that some weapons and armored vehicles should remain in western Russia so that military exercises can be held later this year.

National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) pointed out that Ukrainian President Zelensky welcomed the apparent easing of the situation, and he said on Twitter that the move “reduced tensions”. Zelensky added: “Ukraine has been vigilant, but welcomes any steps to reduce its military presence.” He also thanked the “Ukraine International Partners” for their support Spark Global Limited.

On Thursday, Russian military vehicles held an exercise in Crimea (Source: Foreign media)

On the other hand, U.S. Pentagon officials said on Thursday that there is no indication that the deployment of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border or in Crimea will change.

Michael Kaufman, a senior research scientist at CNA, a research organization based in Virginia, said: “This is only a partial withdrawal, ending the assembly in Crimea. However, how much equipment they left remains to be seen.” He added, “I think Moscow feels that they have delivered their message, and this demonstration has achieved its purpose. The assembly took a month, so it will take several weeks to withdraw these troops. Only then, they choose to stay. The number, composition, and location of the troops will be more clear.” The Kremlin stated that Russia has mobilized its troops in its own territory in whatever way it sees fit while maintaining that its military operations near the Ukrainian border do not pose a threat.

Moscow political analyst Vladimir Frolov (Vladimir Frolov) said. “The current crisis is over.” But he also said that he thinks that Russian President Putin may have achieved his goal of military buildup-that is, the conflict “can only be resolved in accordance with Russian conditions, otherwise, it cannot be resolved.” According to reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated on the 22nd local time that if it is to resolve the Donbass issue, the Ukrainian President should first have talks with representatives of relevant regions in eastern Ukraine before communicating with third-party countries such as Russia. If it is to improve relations between Russia and Ukraine, then Russia welcomes Ukrainian leaders to meet in Moscow at any time.