The original intention of kuaishou platform

Before the local poverty alleviation tourism propaganda, I have to ask grandpa to tell grandma and stars cooperation, to schedule to cooperate with even to spend money, but now, I directly let their local people web celebrity, the effect seems not bad ah?

New media, network talent, traffic star

And for 3,500 a month, the cost of trial and error is almost zero.

As a matter of fact, grassroots ordinary people have traffic flow but no resources, local official media have resources but can not grasp the mass flow, the combination of the two is likely to be more than two.

The rapid signing and transformation of Ding Zhen, as well as the emphasis on reading, calligraphy and learning later, also show that the new local media organizations have been adjusted to absorb such ordinary people as Ding Zhen who have risen from the grassroots.They also know exactly how to play the card, how to drive the heat how to do the show, what kind of values to convey to the public.

This is still Litang, Sichuan province, instead of the local official media in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. I think their resources and team will be stronger.

In fact, the state media has never been weak. It was just a bit left behind by the Internet era due to the system and the shelves. But now once you complete the transformation, you will find that

They have many years of experience in social news, and a deep team of program writers and directors.

They have the appearance level passes the professional excellent host team.

They have a professional photography team.

They may even be able to quickly consolidate more local resources.

In the next few years, I think more and more places will incorporate the media, open their minds, and soon develop their own Wang Bingbing and Ding Zhen.

2 The attack of the new people

However, in addition to The popularity of Wang Bingbing ding Zhen, there is another trend that is also developing rapidly in silence.

At the end of October 2020, Kuaishou held its own Arabian Nights Party.

In this evening party, appeared such a program, Angela Chang and the anchor of kuaishou platform chorus song.

The original intention of kuaishou platform is to let the stars and network celebrities perform on the same stage, but zhang shaohan as a powerful diva voice is too recognisable, a blow web celebrity.

As a direct result, after the show, there appeared such a hot search # Let Angela Chang sing alone #

The picture

Apparently, even web celebrity, a music district with millions of fans, pales in comparison to the real diva.

But a little noticed detail, I noticed, is that the public didn’t think the web celebrity was as bad as it was supposed to be.

The picture

In simple terms

Just so-so

And this “ok”, may be in the invisible, sounded the flow of stars countdown.

Because, many flow star, connect actually “return ok” all cannot do.

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  • The public does not think Internet celebrities are worse than expected

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