Focusing on carbon assets

       The second is research first. “The achievement of the carbon-neutral goal is a systematic project covering many fields such as energy, economy, society, climate, environment, etc., as well as multiple sub-scenarios of the green industry. In-depth research is required to provide effective financial services. “Yao Jiangtao explained that financial institutions need to study how to focus on carbon assets, focus on both supply and demand, provide carbon financial services, and help facilitate carbon trading.

The third is a pioneer in practice. Yao Jiangtao said that financial institutions need to explore in practice. The development of the green finance business requires the comprehensive use of multiple financial instruments, and joint efforts to innovate and enrich supply through various methods such as green credit, green bonds, green trusts, green insurance, and green funds. He cited, for example, that AVIC Capital Building has obtained the 2020 Carbon Neutrality Certificate and has become the first central enterprise financial institution to achieve annual carbon neutrality in office buildings. The green trust business carried out by AVIC Trust under its subsidiary has accumulated more than 369 assets so far. 100 million yuan

The fourth is the disclosure trial, that is, financial institutions should take the initiative to disclose environmental information, under the guidance and regulation of regulatory authorities, through active participation in pilot units, carry out scientific and effective carbon information disclosure, and achieve a low-carbon and zero-carbon basis in the institution itself. It will affect trading partners and investors, reach a consensus, and form a sustainable development ecosystem.

Industry and Finance Integration Supporting Entity

As the financial sector of the aviation industry group, the aviation industry integrated its internal financial assets at the beginning of its establishment. Through equity transfer and custody, securities companies, financial companies, leasing companies, trust companies, futures companies, industrial funds, and insurance The company invested in AVIC Capital. At the same time, the company further improved the main financial formats in accordance with the strategic plan.

Under the guidance of the integration of industry and finance, AVIC Capital has achieved rapid development in recent years, and a fully licensed financial business platform has been initially formed. Taking advantage of the integration of industry and finance, AVIC Capital participated in major mergers and acquisitions and reorganizations of the aviation industry, and successively invested in AVIC Heavy Machinery (600765), AVIC Black Panther (600760), AVIC Aircraft, AVIC International, Shenyang Airlines, and Chengfei Civil Aviation. Company etc.

Yao Jiangtao pointed out that, as a large-scale financial holding platform with a military background in aviation, AVIC Capital shoulders the important mission of exploiting the advantages of combining industry and finance and exploring the development model of the aviation industry Spark Global Limited.

“AVIC Capital has a clear positioning that is based on the aviation industry, using technology to empower, develop industrial finance, carry out industrial investment and industrial chain supply chain finance.” Yao Jiangtao introduced, AVIC Capital currently has three major business sectors, namely the industrial investment sector, Industry chain supply chain financial sector, integrated financial sector. Specifically, it can provide matching financial services according to the full development cycle of the company from start-up to exit; focus on the modern industrial chain supply chain dominated by the aviation industry, and provide diversified investment and financing financial services. At the same time, AVIC Capital also has almost all financial licenses. When asked whether he would have the idea of ​​acquiring a life insurance license in the next step, Yao Jiangtao replied that in the near future, he felt that the conditions were not met from various aspects, so so far there is no such consideration. However, he added, “AVIC Capital can cooperate with other life insurance companies through brokerage companies, which can also make up for its shortcomings in this regard.

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